57 points, 3 stars.

Self Blurb:

Delilah D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, and all werecat. Along with her two sisters Camille, a witch with unpredictable magic, and Menolly, a vampire, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. Karvanak, the Raksasa, is back, and he is looking for the fourth seal and kidnaps Chase, Delilah’s boyfriend. Now Delilah has something to fight for.


“Your mission, D’Artigo sisters, should you choose to accept it: Hunt down and procure the magical spirit seals before the demons get to them. If you should fail or be caught, Earth and Otherworld will suffer a horrible fate…”


Delilah and the Cheating, No Good, Very Bad Human.

In Night Huntress we are back to Delilah, and she gets even more chances to not control herself as before. Okay, she is a bit better at it. At least Delilah is a very sweet character. Not as sweet as sugar, but much sweeter than her sisters.

And Delilah is leveling up. She is the living handmaiden to the Harvestman. He unlocks more of her powers, and now he is sending her on a quest to level up her powers through her own means. Because these sisters will be Powers when this series ends, or else! There is actually a lot of interesting things about Delilah’s relationship with her god.

With Night Huntress, we are also back to the quest for the spirit seals. As with the previous books in this series, once the book starts the book doesn’t end. You go from one event to another to another seemingly randomly. No organization whatsoever. This is also a very demon heavy book, which is actually more interesting than the sisters themselves.

However, the brunt of Night Huntress is actually about her relationship with Chase. Because he cheated on her. And it is such a big deal because he didn’t tell her he was going to, or that he did. She found out because she walked in on them. And it is just so annoying. I really am starting to grow tired of jealousy in my books, especially books that constantly tell you again and again that they are sexual creatures and it is common to have multiple lovers. And this is just so over the top. I still cannot understand why she decides to give him another chance if she was so heartbroken over it.

Camille was also in this book way more than I expected her to be, because it is a Delilah book. But, honestly, I have no idea why this series decided to switch between the three sisters anyway. The only one that really matters as a character for the story is Camille. Which really weakens the series as a whole.

Here’s hoping to no jealousy in the next book! 🤞