57 points, 3 stars.

Self Blurb:

Menolly D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, and a vampire. Along with her two sisters Camille, a witch with unpredictable magic, and Delilah, a werecat, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. One of the previous bartenders at the place Menolly owns went missing, years before she even came Earthside. Now Menolly is determined to find out what is happening. But then more activity on the Shadow Wing front comes around, and now it is up to them to stop the chaos.


“Love takes many forms, wears many faces, but when it’s real, when it touches your heart, you will know it and–with hope–embrace it.”


With Demon Mistress, we are back to Menolly, and once again we’re shown that she is kind of an afterthought on the part of the author. Menolly just doesn’t have anything of her own to stand out with. Other than being broken, and that is being worked on. She is on the periphery of everything. She is left out of a lot of things. She just doesn’t have a place in this series yet, and is kind of unwanted by anything.

In fact, the book opens up with her Vampire (mostly not really) boyfriend telling her that he can’t be seen with her anymore. Which double proves this.

So, Menolly finds something to keep her busy. She finds that her predecessor’s predecessor disappeared, and no one knows what happened to her. And there is a vampire murder she has been tasked to solve. And round and round the book goes until the end as Menolly hops from place to place and investigation to investigation.

Only to find out that somehow, despite this disappearance happening years ago, it is relevant to the Shadow Wing front. It all comes together in the end! Everything is just fine, everybody. No wasted book, no wasted character here, right?? Yeah. The coincidence in this series is off the charts.

Demon Mistress is also about Menolly’s continued healing from the events in her pasts. Because that is what defines her as a character. And the author hasn’t figured out anything else to do with her yet. Another pretty mediocre installment.