85 points, 4 ½ stars!


Of all the Rowan’s children, Damia was the most brilliant and the one who inherited the Talent. It was obvious that she would be a Prime. As Damia grew up, her Talent became almost too strong to control, and the only solution was to send her to the planet of Deneb, to her strange grandmother.


“And, you’ll agree to give yourself a long break before you ask me — politely and in the normal fashion — for another baby.” He eyed her sternly.


Well, Damia was certainly a bold way to write a book. Damia is the name of one of The Rowan and Jeff Raven’s daughters. So you’d think the whole book would be about her, right?


The first third of the book is the second half of the previous book. The narrator is Afra,  The Rowan’s second in command. Afra is 16 (and younger in the very beginning) when he applies, and is accepted, to The Rowan’s posting at Callisto. Afra then becomes indispensable and is an amazing friend to The Rowan. In the height of The Rowan’s loneliness, he even considered being a true partner to her, even though it wasn’t what he wanted, just what she needed. He is a real stand up guy. Then the aliens come and try to wreck Deneb, and The Rowan meets her mate and everything is perfect.

And then they have kids.

Damia is their third child, and is an absolute handful to deal with. The Rowan decides that Damia needs a brother or sister, so she can form a connection like Damia’s older brother and sister have. So, The Rowan steals her husband’s sperm to impregnate herself with. Yeah. I’m just going to leave that as is.

However, Damia’s real special connection is to her Afra. WHO IS TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLDER THAN HER. Yup. Just going to leave that there, as well.

We see Damia grow up from a toddler, into a young girl, and then into a young woman to an adult with her own Tower to look after. She is special. Powerful and headstrong. A lot like her mother. And Damia has to be treated differently than everyone else simply because she is so powerful and headstrong. She causes trouble as a kid without meaning it, and then when she is adult she has a weight of responsibility on her shoulders and doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. And she experiences the same sort of loneliness as an adult that her mother did.

And throughout the book, Afra is there for her. He helps raise her. He protects her when he can.

And he is 25 years older than her.

Gods this romance was difficult for me to read. On the one hand it was ridiculously cute. On the other? Twenty.Five.Years.Older. He helped raise her! He punished her as a child! I wouldn’t be surprised if he had changed her diapers! I just..ARGH WHY DOES MCCAFFREY DO THIS TO ME?!

At least they’re both adults when they get together, unlike Pegasus in Flight?

And then the aliens come back, and this time they are different aliens. They’re not the ones that attacked Deneb. Honestly I was kind of really dissatisfied with the ending. It ends with us meeting the Aliens but we don’t learn anything about them. The end just didn’t pop like the previous book. It felt like it ran out of room, that the book got too long because it didn’t go anywhere and covered old ground, so another book was needed to finish the story.