57 points, 3 stars.
Warning: Depictions of Rape

Self Blurb:

Camille D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, with unpredictable magic. Along with her two sisters Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, a vampire, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. Smoky’s dad is in town, and he absolutely hates Camille. He has promised great harm on Camille, and Smoky is livid. There is also a new demon general in town, and Camille is finally going to reunite with her soul mate, Trillian. 


“Give me a fight with a simple demon or devil any day, over the whims of a pissed off Fae Queen.”


Yay, we are back to Camille. Great, since I feel like she is the only one that really should be the narration character for the series. There is a lot that happens in Bone Magic, just like the previous books. And like the previous books, it is just as chaotic.

There are a few fun things that happen in the book though. The first is that the dead are out to play, and Camille is getting a hand on her death magic. Which she has been working on with one of her husbands, Morio. It takes Camille to a new place, a place where she doesn’t have to worry about her magic fucking up on her. Where she is at least somewhat competent. Perfect place to be working towards.

Next, we have Smoky, her second husband, and Smoky’s father. Who is a complete and utter jackass. Smoky’s father is a Dragon dragon, whereas Smoky is more a human dragon.  And he hates the fact that Smoky married a human. A lowly, aweful, “might as well be dead because you’re useless” human. That is going to be interesting to deal with in a later book.

Plus Trillian, her soul mate, has been missing for a while. They got some news of him in one of the previous few books. However, he has been gone a while. Camille misses him, and she is afraid for him. She wants him home safe and sound. But..he doesn’t know that she married Morio and Smoky. Which sparks off a major jealousy spat and oh my god am I tired of jealousy in this series. My tolerance for it is at an all time low, because it feels like that is all that happens when it comes to their relationships!

In addition to all that a whole bunch of other, powerful things happen. Camille’s choices keep getting taken away from her, and I don’t particularly care about it like I should. We’re just on the path forward, choo choo coming through. “I’m a train, you can’t stop me,” says Galenorn.

The best part of the series so far has been this book, though. I do like that Camille is no longer the strong person she was in the beginning. She is having to work through a lot of things. She has been taken down a few pegs, and now she seems at least a bit less like she was written to always be perfect.