59 points, 3 stars.

Self Blurb:

Delilah D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, and all werecat. Along with her two sisters Camille, a witch with unpredictable magic, and Menolly, a vampire, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. It is Samhain, and a new drug, Wolf Briar, is being used as a weapon. Plus there is a bounty on their heads. A busy time for another Spirit Seal to show up during.


The trees flew by in a blur, and I realized how much I was enjoying the movement. My body felt so alive, zinging with energy, full with the chase.


Harvest Hunting was a book of changes. A lot of things happened during it. In the end, nothing was the same from where the book started. Everything was different. I still think it was mediocre and not very entertaining. But at least things happened, which I can’t always say about books in this series.

I spent the first half of the book hoping I could still be Camille. Her story was what was going on the screen, she just wasn’t the one telling us about it. It was a really weird choice and I hated that I was with Delilah at the time, and that Delilah’s book was being taken up by Camille cleanup. It just didn’t feel right.

But then the second half of the book kicked in. And then all I wanted was to jump ahead in Delilah’s timeline. Because while nothing was happening to further Delilah at the time, you knew it was going to get there. I just don’t think we needed to actually see it. I would have preferred to just be Camille the whole time again. Despite how much changed in the book, I felt like we were always at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Everything in this series is interconnected. In the beginning of the book, we get placed on a simple missing person case. But nothing is simple. It has to be connected to the whole. Even though it never really actually fits together. It just feels like wasting time.

See, we get put on this missing person’s case. Then in come the demons and the spirit seals and everything that has existed so far in this series to date. All centered on one missing women we didn’t even know about prior to this book. That the sisters didn’t even know about. Just a random person. I keep repeating myself, but I’m just flabbergasted at the choices the author made.

At least Delilah’s connection to the Harvestman is growing stronger in some very interesting ways. Which is a theme with the series. Interesting things get introduced. And they mostly fit and work. And they are cool. And then something happens and it just ends up being slightly off kilter to the way I want it to be. And thus I feel it is mediocre.