65 points, 3 ½ stars.


Much had been done to limit and destroy the powers of the terrible Hivers, who had torn through space, annihilating every living thing that stood in their way. But still the Alliance had to discover the whereabouts of every last Hiver world and stop the Queens from further colonization.


“Looking your age finally, are you?” Afra said, noting the grizzle of silver in the T-2’s dark hair and the crinkle of lines about the light green eyes.
Actually, it’s constant proximity to Cwyn-Raven offspring and the rigors of dealing with all those eager young Talents.


You see how that official blurb for the book only has two sentences? Yeah, because that is about how much happened in this book. This was such a disappointing end to a series that started off so good. It was overly long and overly drawn out. Nothing happened expect deflection from things that were going to happen but didn’t.

I was just so bored. Nothing that happened felt at all real to me. I didn’t even want to finish the book and found that I just didn’t care about what was happening on screen. Everything I did care about wasn’t the focus, or kept getting interrupted. I just felt like I had to finish, for the sake of the four previous books I had read and mostly enjoyed.

The Tower and the Hive series, until this point, has mostly been focused on the characters. Characters I absolutely adored throughout the series. Now it focuses on nothing I cared about. There are a hell of a lot of info dumps, as all that stalling for time on the part of the author’s for the previous two books in the series has caught up with her. There is a lot of McCaffrey trying to figure out the last of the outstanding problems for the series by the seat of her pants. There were even some problems that weren’t even a problem prior to the start of this book for good measure. Overall a bore, and a chore, and annoying, too.

The best part of the series, the characters, were disappointing as well. Their final relationships were disappointing, and the screen time was almost non-existent (compared to The Rowan and Damia). The ending to their individual arcs were very bland and hurried. Just so disappointing.

And the science throughout the book (and perhaps the previous book, too, they all kind of just run together in my head) was ridiculous. Quite literally, I laughed out loud at some of the things that were accomplished “with science”. I’ve read some doozies before, but this was quite special at times.

Overall, I loved the start to this series, but I’m so utterly and completely disappointed in the end. It just felt like it was stretching out the story to its detriment. I would recommend reading The Rowan as a standalone and leaving it there.