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Some things once forgotten are better not remembered…

A broken wing with feathers fluttering in the breeze starts Juliana on her most dangerous, and personal, investigation yet. One that will take her from the depths of the End to her own backyard. She is surrounded by those she considers family, but it quickly becomes apparent she’s more alone than ever before.

In the center of all the chaos and death is someone Juliana thought she’d never see again. Their reunion brings back memories of horrors long since transpired, but now fresh in Juliana’s mind. Everywhere she turns, she is faced with another decision that must be made. Her career has been built on trusting her instincts and abilities, but this time that trust may bring her entire world crumbling down around her.


Juliana chuckled. “That skeleton you can’t see? I summoned him to play with me when I was a child. His name is Skelly.”


Unfortunately, I just ended up disappointed in the ending to this series I’ve been enthralled with this for years, and I have waited for this ending for years, too. Prophecy’s Child was just entirely too short. The plot of this book has the same amount and level of plot that entire series typically consist of. All of which was introduced in Prophecy’s Child. If this was the ending to the series Kathleen Collins always had in mind, I would have loved hints about it in the previous books, at the very least.

Prophecy’s Child doesn’t retcon, per se. Yet it isn’t also not retconning, either. A lot is dumped on us in these 50k words, and almost all of it are things we didn’t see before now. Things that should have been in the series from the start, in my opinion. Things that just do not make sense as they’re added now, because we would have seen some of it in the previous books. The more I think about what was added and what changes have been made, the less sense they make, honestly.

I also didn’t feel like I got enough Juliana and Thomas together time. They’re always the best part of any of the books in this series. I just kept straining to see more of them together, and getting more dreaded story instead. How inconsiderate.

Overall, while this was an okay end to the series, I just wanted to see more. It was too short for my tastes. It was striving for too much with too little to back it up. It honestly felt a bit rushed. I almost feel like Kathleen Collins knew she needed to get the book out, but life got in the way, and it got in the way some more. And soon it was coming up on four years since the previous book was released and this one just had to come out. In fact, I know at one point Collins said this was going to be a five book series. I’m disappointed, but I’m glad I read this series.

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