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You don’t volunteer for slugfests with vampires. It shortens your life expectancy. And you don’t fall in love with a werewolf. It interferes with your work. Especially when you’re a preternatural expert, like me. My business brings me up close and personal with all shapes and sizes of monsters. And not all of them want to kill me.

Take, for instance, the local pack of lycanthropes – that’s werewolves to you. A number of them are missing, and they’ve come to me for help. Maybe because I’m dating the leader of the pack. I’ve survived a lot – from jealous vampires to killer zombies – but this love thing may kill me yet…


“He’s no more human than I am, ma petite.”
“At least I’m not dead.”
“That can be remedied.”


Typically I write reviews for others. Not this time. This will be full of spoilers, both for present and future books. They will be filled with rants and maybe even a little gushing. I don’t want to read these again.

If you have read them before: ESnjoy my pain.
If you haven’t: Enjoy my pain.

You have been warned, we’ll see how long I last.


Jesus Fucking Christ. I hate Richard. And Anita is all “I love you” and I’m like that isn’t love, that is infatuation with an idea. The idea being that she isn’t alone, not anything to do with Richard because I’m not convinced she likes anything about him. These two fuckheads are terrible for each other and I hate them both. And Anita is the biggest fucking hypocrite ever and it hurts to read. Oh no Richard isn’t a monster because he hates himself, but Jean Claude is because he has accept what he is a long time ago?

Fuck off.

Plus Jean Claude is going all “But I love you too, Anita. For really. Date me like you date Richard and then decide who you want between us. Or else I’ll kill him.” And she just goes along with this. BECAUSE SHE IS CRAZY.

I hate them all.

None of that bullshit makes sense. None of that bullshit is good. The interpersonal relationships in this series are just fucked up. I hate it. Why does it have to get in the way of a good thing?

What the hell was this book even about, again?

Oh, right.

Werecreatures are going missing, and they’re presumed dead. They have come to Anita to figure things out, because they don’t trust the police. Plus, Edward is in town to track down some weres that created a snuff film, who turned into a werewolf on camera while fucking a girl and they ripped her apart. Yay, beastiality?

Okay, so this series has always been a bit fucked up when it comes to sex. So what? That’s a good reason to track someone down, and kill them. Right?


Okay, it’s just fun to read about.

The Lunatic Cafe is also the first book with a heavy emphasis on werewolves. Before it was mostly vampires and zombies. Now, with Richard “I’m an Asshole” Zeeman being around so much, we get to focus more on werewolves. Plus there are other interesting things that show up, like a Hindu God.

And it also has Anita Blake’s first confrontation against a police force that doesn’t want her around. I wish I could say it was the last. Yet, compared to how bad it gets in the future, this is positively tame. This is more rural cop vs city cop dynamics than against Anita herself. At least it isn’t about her fucking sex life, yet?

I liked the story, though. I liked that there were two (three?) different villainous groups that initially looked like they might be the same. I almost liked the The Most Dangerous Game aspects, which typically bore me. I liked that witches were trying to steal the skin of shifters so they can shape change for no reason other than because they wanted to be animals. I liked all the elements.

I just can’t stand Anita and her men.