I thought of this prompt a bit differently. I’m going to change both series titles and book titles. In the past, I mostly read urban fantasy. Which has a habit of naming series after the names of the main character. It’s time to change that. Also I’m notoriously bad at naming things so… have fun reading this post.

Image result for dante valentine1. Dante ValentinePunk Necromancer

As amazing as it sounds, Dante Valentine is the name of the main character of this series by author Lilith Saintcrow. While the name draws eyes, I wanted to switch it up. Punk Necromancer adequately describes who Dante is, the series, and is awesome.


2. Georgina KincaidAverse Succubus 

Given what I feel for the character (I greatly dislike her, her series is okay though), it is no surprise I want to change this series title. I wanted to fit the theme of the titles, which all contain the word ‘Succubus’ in them, while also describing the succubus at hand. Namely that she really doesn’t want to be one any longer.

Image result for allie beckstrom

3. Allie Beckstrom – Cabal of Magic

Allie Beckstrom was really hard to rename – and I’m still not certain I’ve gotten it right. I chose Cabal of Magic because they brought magic to the world, and try and control it behind the scenes. Helps that all the titles have ‘magic’ in them, too.

4. Kitty Norville – Radio Werewolf

As amusing as Kitty’s name is, it is already on the title of all the books in the series and it has to go. Radio Werewolf fits so well, since Kitty is a werewolf who hosts a radio program for other supernaturals to call in and get advice from.  I would name it after the radio program’s name, The Midnight Hour, but that is already the name of the first book in the series.

64413565. Jaz ParksCirilai

Went a little different here. I renamed this series to the name of the ring that Vayl gives Jaz. This ring ties everything together, it has saved both of them countless times, and it is a perfect symbol for everything to do with the series. My only regret is that it doesn’t fit the series itself which is more like “Action, Guns, Danger and Getting Shit Done“….which would be a great series title too now that I think about it.

6. Mercedes ThompsonHere Comes Trouble

If you have ever read Mercy Thompson you know one thing – she is an absolute magnet for trouble. And chaos. And for everything nearby to go wrong. Should just brand the series as trouble, it is accurate.

7. Kate Daniels – Have Sword, Will Sass

I love Kate, and this series title fits the series completely. Kate has a sword. She will sass you. And she will get her way. She would sass you without the sword, too, if… and this is a very big if… you could pry it from her.

18280678. Sirantha JaxThe Wild Adventures of a Space Bound Fool

Sirantha Jax is a fool, she has wild adventures she has no right to be in, and the idea of keeping out of space, of being forced to retire from traveling through space, distresses her completely. I also like the juxtaposition between the long series title, and the one-word book titles.

9. The Others – Blood Prophet

I am changing this series name simply due to all the confusion I have had to avoid over the years while talking about one of my favourite series. “Oh, yeah, like The Others” “…What others?”. Sigh. Blood Prophet works, since it is about a Blood Prophet who manages to change the world. Anything so long as the confusion stops.

816214810. ChaliceBEES!

Don’t lie. You’re intrigued by the fact the title is now BEES! Chalice? Boring. Stodgy. BEES!, however? That catches the eye. Plus, the book has bees.