55 points, 3 stars.

Self Blurb:

Menolly D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, and a vampire. Along with her two sisters Camille, a witch with unpredictable magic, and Delilah, a werecat, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. Shadow Wing is creating an army, his general Telazhar is assaulting Seattle. But that doesn’t matter when Menolly’s wife, Nerissa, is captured, and they are demanding the spirit souls for her life. They have to find another way to get her back!


“Because change will come as it will, and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. In fact, try to stop it and you trip over the turning wheels.”


Once again, I’m a bit confused by Galenorn’s choices in Darkness Raging. The past few books have been all had drama where Menolly is having marriage problems with her wife. There wasn’t any of that in Darkness Raging. In fact, we had the exact opposite.

I was fully expecting that this book would be filled with relationship drama and I’d be bored and annoyed. Nope, it isn’t.

The war with Shadow Wing is ramping up. Tons of feeler troops are being sent through rogue portals. They have been busy running from portal to portal, stamping out the things that come through and closing it.

And Menolly makes the obvious comment of “We’re at war.” to someone. As if that hadn’t been apparent from the last few years.

Only, in the middle of all of this, we get sidetracked. Because Blood Wyne, the queen of the Vampires and the mother of Menolly’s lover…has decided that Menolly, her wife Nerissa, and Roman are going to get married.

Yup, that’s right. We pause the book for a marriage. After several books full of marriage problems between these two.

You may be confused why this is happening. I’m confused, too. And I read the whole damn thing! And worse yet, this is the longest book wedding in the history of book weddings, because of how fucking out of nowhere it is. And how much it doesn’t need to happen. And how much it is NOT IMPORTANT.

Because none of the three are treating this as a real wedding. Yet I “get” to read about every step of the damn thing anyway.


And then once that wedding is over, it gets back on track and is all DANGER DANGER DANGER again. And then it ends. Without anything really being solved.