Halloween is nearly here, and this week’s top ten tuesday is a Halloween freebie. So I decided  to do it on some of the awesome vampires I have seen over time

1. Zombie Vampires

Zombie-like is the closest you can get to describing the vampires of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. They are completely mindless and have been raised from the dead with the specific intention by both parties that the vampires will be piloted by necromancers. There is a contract and money involved and everything. The vampires want nothing but to drink blood, purely on instinct.

2. Fey Vampires

Fey best describes the vampires of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. They’re creepy and inhuman. They clump together, because only the most powerful can survive without the blood of their leader. Humans change over very slowly to a vampire, and most don’t even make it. They’re weird and they are terrifying.

3. Gooey Vampires

Yes, that’s right. Gooey. There are several types of vampires in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, and one stands out above the others in pure ick factor. This type of vampire has the ability to make their body rot, as if they were a corpse. They can even fall apart. This ability makes them incredibly resistant to most methods of killing them. Like fire. Fucking terrifying.

4. Cultish Vampires

It is really weird to be describing the Vampere in the Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin, because they are so utterly weird and difficult to wrap my mind around. They can form little cults that they call Trusts. Inside a Trust, things can get…odd. They feed into each others eccentricities. They keep outsiders away. This cult like environment creates the perfect place for some truly odd and horror-filled stuff. It is incredibly difficult to break away and become solo, too, both because the vampire doesn’t want to leave, and the Trust won’t allow people to get away.

5. Alien Vampires

Alien, as in from outer space. That was a new one, even for me, when I read Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper series. Vampire by name, they come from outer space – but they don’t really do that blood drinking thing much. It is mostly a war tactic, and they are a militant race. They’re always fighting for territory and against enemies. Mostly against other clans of vampires. And did I say they’re from space?

6. Vampire Nanos

Seriously. Only paranormal romance can introduce vampires due to nanobots from Atlantis and be taken seriously. And that is exactly what the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands does. It is probably even more perplexing for those not genre savvy that this series has been going on for 30 books now! (Not so odd for people that know me to know that I’ve read most of them.) Not only are they vampires due to nanobots, these technological marvels allow them to stay forever young, beautiful, remain healthy and heal quickly, read minds, and find ‘life mates’ for the vampire. Amazing.

7. Mist Vampires

Mist form is one of those classic tropes that I never get to see. I wanted to highlight the vampires in The Others by Anne Bishop for being great vampires because they fit so many niches. They are Other. They are vampire. They drink blood. They can turn to mist form. If part of their body is captured in a jar in mist form – they lose it. They are the perfect predator in a world of perfect predators.

8. Soulless Vampires

This may sound redundant, but actually I read very few series indeed that have actually soulless vampires. And The Hollows series by Kim Harrison has this in spades. The living vampires are fine, normal vampires with soul. But when they die? They become soulless and evil. They cling to their humanity for a time by sheer stubbornness, but as their human connections die so does their ability to be human. They’re evil. They will do whatever they’re allowed by their strength. They are not good to invite to dinner.

9. Evil Vampires

Again, you may think this is the case in most vampire stories I read, but no. The truly evil are rare, indeed. Most authors think vampires can be saved. Yet the vampires in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher are evil. White court vampires might be able to be saved. However the red court and black court vampires need to be erased on sight. They are never, ever up to any good. And who even knows what is wrong with jade court vampires.

10. Dual Vampires

Last up on the list are the vampires from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Either I truly think they are special or I needed a tenth because so many vampires are mediocre and this was all I could come up with. You decide. The vampires in Twilight have such a clear dichotomy between good and evil that it is quite remarkable. You have two clans of vampires that abstain from human blood, and you can actually live with them. Even if they slip up and drink human blood, they are capable of returning back to their old lifestyle. However the ones that never had to go without? Holy hell, they are evil. Selfish. Capable of horrendous acts. No empathy, no good at all. And this duality set up between what type of blood they drink is quite.. good.