55 points, 3 stars.

Self Blurb:

Delilah D’Artigo is half human, and half-fae, and all werecat. Along with her two sisters Camille, a witch with unpredictable magic, and Menolly, a vampire, they have been assigned to Earth from the Otherworld. It is her wedding day, and Delilah and Shade are just waiting for chaos to start. The final battle to Shadow Wing draws near, they just have to make it there.


“What happens if we have to go to the bathroom while we’re under?” Roz asked, only half joking.
“We’ll take care of matters if you do.”


Harvest Song was probably the most focused book in the entire series so far. This may be because it was also nearly 45k words shorter than the series average to this point. About two thirds the length of the previous book. And that is because all the bullshit I’ve been complaining about finally got cut out. Praise the editor!

Too bad the whole book was still them just spinning around in circles. Waiting for the series to end. So the series could end on the final battle with Shadow Wing. You know it is going to end on a Menolly book because of the order of the narrators, so Delilah’s book was just…nothing.

It didn’t even have a thin veil of being about anything important.


Nothing important.

Just about Shade getting hurt, and them having to save him. By going through some weird dream-like world. And using Delilah’s Harvestman sort of god to do it.

And then even that goes wrong. So they have to fix it.

Oh yeah, and then there was yet another wedding. Wedding number seven for the series! Not that anyone is counting, or anything.