70 points, 3 ¾ stars
Warning: Rape. Endless rape.


“You can’t trust anyone who sleeps with the monsters.”

That’s what I’ve always said. That’s what I’ve always believed. But now I’m the one sharing a bed with the Master Vampire of the City. Me, Anita Blake. The woman the vampires call the Executioner. From part of the solution, I’ve become part of the problem. So it hits close to home when an arsonist begins to target vampire-owned businesses all over town — an arsonist who seems to want to destroy more than just property. It’s the monsters who are in danger now. And it’s up the the Executioner to save them from the inferno…


“Every time I thought I understood the rules, they changed. Why was it that the damn rules always seemed to change for the worse?”


Typically I write reviews for others. Not this time. This will be full of spoilers, both for present and future books. They will be filled with rants and maybe even a little gushing. I don’t want to read these again.

If you have read them before: Enjoy my pain.
If you haven’t: Enjoy my pain.

You have been warned, we’ll see how long I last.


Ahhh Burnt Offerings. What a shame, this could have been great. The Vampire Council is in town, and all they care about is hurting people. Seriously, it’s basically just endless torture porn and Anita going “Nope. Fuck that, fuck you. I do what I want. You aren’t gods, you aren’t good and this is our town.” This, in response to the reason the Council being there in the first place is because they think Jean Claude is trying to start his own Council in America. Because that makes sense.

Good god, for as few sex scenes there are (0), there sure is a lot of sex-related content in this book. Jesus Christ I forgot how much “sex” there was. And all of it is on the bad end. Like, two people get raped (off camera) in this book. I think. It could very easily have been way, way more characters. That’s how many there were, I actually forgot how many times it happened. This all in between all the actual torture. Some of which we actually see. Plus several more nearly get raped. It’s disgusting, vile, and completely unnecessary to have so much in an endless parade.

I don’t even understand the point of half this book, except to show how “ingenious” it is to put people through pain for the sake of it. That’s all that happens. For way too long. Sigh.

In the background, there are also some human on vampire attacks going on, mostly with the result of a lot of vampires being burned. And that part is cool, but insufficient as a storyline all on its own. I wish this was more a part of the book. Or that the Council visit amounted to something more than showcasing a bunch of torturers for fun. They used the excuse that Jean Claude was a naughty boy and killed the Earthmover in Circus of the Damned but didn’t become a Vampire Councilor, so now they think he is setting up his own Council. But I don’t understand what they even meant to do? The council and Anita bickered for the entire book and then they… kind of just went home with their tails tucked between their legs. When supposedly they’re powerful enough to crush Anita and Jean Claude? But they leave because rules? When they spent the entire book going “fuck rules we’re the Council we can do whatever we want”?



The only thing good about this entire book was that it set up a hell of a lot of new things for the next few books, all at once. But I’m not certain that is enough? Also, the fact that Anita became the leader of the wereleopards, without actually being a wereleopard. That was good too. The how wasn’t so fun, and the bitching and whining about it isn’t either. But the fact that it happened was neat?

Most of the time in book is spent with characters just standing around arguing with each other. Again. Hamilton just could not stay focused. Every single thing has to be done right this second, and then the characters get distracted by something else that has to get done right this second. And it’s endless. And it’s annoying. And all they do is fight. And this book did not need to be nearly as long as it was.