94 points, 4 ¾ stars!


Part of the “Sundered” series – the heroine continues her struggle against the forces of evil. The harrowing tale of Erin Elliath, warrior and healer, continues in this episode of the battle between good and evil. When Erin rejects her position as Lady Sara, wife to the First Servant of the Dark Heart, she escapes from her husband’s lands with the help of Darin, the Patriarch of Culverne and the last of his line. After combining forces with the deposed prince of Marantine and a mysterious old man – who has magic skills that neither Erin or Darin can identify – the foursome hatch a plan to wrestle control of the usurped kingdom of Marantine away from the priests of the Dark Heart. Meanwhile, Erin continues to struggle with her part in the betrayal of her people, the deaths of her most beloved friends, as well as her feelings for the man who doomed them for her sake.


“It’s always easier,’ he offered at last, ‘when you feel these things yourself; seeing them in other people reveals just how ugly they are.”


Lady of Mercy takes up immediately after the end of Children of the Blood….and then just kind of stops there for a while. Not a lot happens until the very end of the book. Which meant it was kind of boring. I really liked it, because I liked the characters, and I liked the overall story. I just felt something was missing overall, and I’m not exactly certain what it was.

There is a lot of travel in Lady of Mercy. Oh my, is there a lot of travelling. Then there is a lot of trying to figure out who the bad guys are. There are a few new characters, and you suspect all of them of betrayal because you don’t know who they are, and you don’t know what is up, but you know something is going to go down. It was definitely an interesting experience to read!

The thing I liked the most throughout Lady of Mercy was Erin, no longer ‘Sara’. You feel a range of emotions with her. The betrayal from Stefanos. The depression from the loss of her people and that the person responsible was the person she loves. Even the loneliness, and the wish that she was with Stefanos, even though she hates him, and the guilt. This all swirls around inside her the entire time.

Plus, Erin learns what Sara means to the people. How much they revere her. How much of their hope is tangled in the tale. Lady of Mercy doesn’t have a lot that happens. It was more a book of discovery. Erin figures out what she has to do, her fath forward. After that, it is just setting up the finale.

And all of this? All I’ve said? It’s just a part of what makes everything so damn good.