🎼🎶🎵It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎵🎶 when I get to show off all the stats I keep at my fingertips! This year, I’m splitting up this post into 6 different posts, because the size would be insane if it were only one. Here is the last part.

All results are from January 1, 2019 through December 24, 2019 which is when the first of these posts come out. I really hope you like numbers as much as I do.



It is weird, but while I consider listening to audiobooks as reading, I actually separate the two experiences in my head, so I tend to separate my stats between the two here, too.

My totals for the year are 512 titles this year, 212 of which were rereads and 46 of which were ARCs.

I spent 1508.5 hours reading this year, 1021.0 with books, 487.4 with audiobooks.

The Breakdown is as follows:

Novels: 315 novels, 93 of which are rereads, 260 are/will be reviewed, and a total of 1415.1 hours.
Novellas: 40 novellas, 9 of which are rereads, 24 are reviewed, and a total of 45 hours.
Short Stories: 23 short stories, 5 of which are rereads, 6 are reviewed, and a total of 6 hours.
Graphic Novels and Manga are under reading, due to the fact they are, by their nature, not in audio.



In total I read 412 titles this year, 163 of which were rereads, and 46 of which were ARCs. I gave them an average rating of 4.2 stars. They were read at an average of 458 words per minute, and totalled up to 29.6 million words and 91 thousand pages. I spent 1021.0 hours reading this year.

The Breakdown is as follows:

Novels: 223 novels, 47 rereads, and 41 ARCs, at an average speed of 455WPM or 4.3 hours. By far this is the bulk of my reading at 27.7 million words and 85.7k pages. This took 939.9 hours to read.

Novellas: 32 novellas, 3 rereads, and 3 ARCs, at an average speed of 476 WPM or 1.0 hours. This was only 938k words and 3.8k pages. This took 32.8 hours to read.

Short Stories: 23 short stories, 5 rereads, 2 were ARCs, at an average speed of 477 WPM or 0.3 hours (18 minutes). This added up to 157k words, and 576 pages. This took 6 hours to read.

Graphic Novels: 6 graphic novels, 0 rereads. It was an average speed of 284 WPM, or half an hour each. They totalled up to 51.5k words, or 1084 pages. And yes, I did sit there and count every single word in each volume. This took 3 hours to read.

Manga: Lastly, I read 128 volumes of manga, 108 of which were rereads. I don’t wanna get into it. I did not count each word, but based on the average read time of 0.3 hours and my experiences with Graphic Novels, I would guess about 6k words apiece, or 768k words total. They took 39.3 hours to read total (and I did read with a stopwatch.)



In total I listened to 100 titles this year, all of which came from the library because..yeah. 52 of them are rereads. Audiobooks this year had an average rating of 4.1 stars. I’m a speed demon and so the average listening speed was 2.3x the length of the audiobook, and they took me 487.4 hours to listen to total.

The Breakdown is as follows:

Novels: 92 novels, 46 of which were rereads. They took 475.2 hours to listen to, at an average of 5.3 hours apiece, though the average length of the audiobooks themselves were 11.8 hours.

Novellas: 8 novellas, 6 of which were rereads. They took 12 hours to listen to, at an average of 1.5 hours apiece, though the average length of the audiobooks themselves were 3.7 hours.

I listened to no short stories this year. Maybe even ever.

Other Stats:

There are also a lot of other supplemental stats that I find interesting that goes with the stats above.

Reading Medium:
ebooks: 411
physical books: 1
audiobooks: 100
Note: That one physical book just kills me. LOL

Here: 291
Goodreads Only: 37
Unreviewed: 184 (128 of which are manga)
Note: some of these reviews have yet to be released, but they’re written…Or will be written.

DNFs: 5
Note: I’ve gotten a lot better at DNFing books. That’s, like, 5 more than last year.
Note 2: Also one of these isn’t in the stats because I got like 10 minutes in and bounced.

Read Twice in 2019: 11 books

Standalones: 44 total (28 regular reading, 116 ARCs)
Series Starters: 74 total (63 regular reading, 11 ARCs)
Books in Series (non-starters): 222 total (206 regular reading, 16 ARCs)
Note 1: This does include rereads.
Note 2: This is soo many more standalones than I am used to reading. I read more standalones this year than every year prior to this combined, going back to 2000 (31 combined). Only 13 last year, two each in 2016 and 2017, 0 in 2015, and 3 in 2014.


Average Novel Length: 4.2 reading hours, 114k words, 380 pages.
Max Novel Length: 13.2 reading hours, 339k words, 926 pages. [Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb]
Min Novel Length: 1.3 hours, 46k words, 148 pages. [Uncanny Collateral by Brian McClellan]

Average Audio Length: 11.2 hours total or 5.0 hours listening
Max Audio Length: 23.2 hours total or 8.8 hours listening [Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley]
Min Audio Length (novel): 6.4 hours total or 3.2 hours listening [The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz]

Average Listening Speed: 2.3x
Max Listening Speed: 3.0x
Min Listening Sped 1.5x
Most Common Listening Speed: 2.0x

Release Date:

Earliest Release Date: A Hero Born by Jin Yong [1957, translated into English this year]
Earliest Release Date (english only): To Ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffrey [August 1973].
Median Release Date: October 7, 2014
Latest Release Date: Network Effect by Martha Wells [May 5, 2020]
Year with most releases: 2019 (51 books)