🎼🎶🎵It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎵🎶 when I get to show off all the stats I keep at my fingertips! This year, I’m splitting up this post into 6 different posts, because the size would be insane if it were only one. Here is the third part.

All results are from January 1, 2019 through December 24, 2019 which is when the first of these posts come out.

Today’s post is all about some random stats I track, mostly to do with Gender, Perspective, and Sex.

For Part One: How Much Did I Read, click here.
For Part Two: What Genres Did I read, click here.

Stories = standalones and series
Books = individual novels and novellas that are the primary part of the story (this is to include series that are nothing but novellas)


Let’s start with perspective, because it is probably easiest. There is overlap in the stats, as some books and series have multiple perspectives within the same story.

I read no books this year with 2nd person perspective.

I had 25 books this year that had a villain perspective.

Series: for series it is a pretty even split between them
1st person: 42%
3rd person limited:42%
3rd person omniscient: 37%
Multiple perspectives: 17/90

Standalone: much more varied.
1st : 53%
3rd limited: 35%
3rd omniscient:21%
Multiple perspectives: 4/43

For books without multiple perspectives:
1st : 43% (136/318)
3rd limited: 28%
3rd omniscient: 29%

For books with multiple perspectives:
Total: 12
1st : 12
3rd limited: 7 (58%)
3rd omniscient: 5 (42%)

Book Totals:
1st person: 148
3rd limited: 96
3rd omniscient: 98
Multiples: 12

Character Genders:

Numbers are limited to perspective characters only.

Non-Binary:  2-4%
Books (Total): 13 (4%)
Books (Exclusively NB): 5 (2%)
Series: 4 (4%)
Note: Although there are only four series with NB characters, all but one played around with the concept. In one case it is a game for the narrator, and while they/them is used for everyone, the perspective character calls himself “he”, and gives gender to everyone else, too (and sometimes they change). In another, everyone is called she/her, but the perspective character doesn’t see themselves as having a gender. And the third one? I have no idea what they identify as.

Male Only: 11-17%
Standalones: 6/41 (15)
Series: 10/90 (11%)
Books: 54/330 (17%)

Female Only: 21-37%
Standalone: 13 (32%)
Series: 19 (21%)
Books: 119 (37%)

Male and Female Together:  44-63%
Standalone: 22 (54%)
Series: 57 (63%)
Books: 142 (44%)

Author Genders:

This is really hard to track down, and time consuming. And confusing.

Female: 81 (77%)
Male: 23 (22%)
Unknown: 3 (3%)
Any: 2 (2%)
NB: 1 (1%)

Included in this tally is 1 author who has she/any in their twitter profile, and 5 author teams (3 F/M teams, 1 Any/F team, and 1 F/F team).

I want to break this down between Fantasy, Scifi, and Romance but it is too much work, maybe next year.


I seriously had 274.5 sex scenes in 330 books.
Max: 6 scenes
Min: 0
Average total: 0.8 scenes
Average (if any): 2.1 scenes

Consensual Sex:

Or, I should say nonconsensual sex. It is amazing how many books I read where this is an issue.

Implied: 3
Attempted: 14
Total: 18 (1 actual)

Implied: 2
Attempted: 21
Total: 28 (5 actual)

Out of all the books I read, only 90% had no instances of nonconsensual sex, either attempted, implied, or actual, which means 10% did. Some were very graphic.

With stories, it is even worse. Only 85% of all the stories I read had none.

Other Relationship Stats:

10 stories had interspecies relationships, mostly between aliens and humans.

I had 26 stories with mate bonds this year – this makes me happy because I actually tend to like mate bonds, if they’re done okay.

Only 8 love triangles this year! I think most of those were actually for rereads, even.

Some Random Graphs and Stuff:

Ultimately useless, but I want it to do something. I just can’t make any use for this. I colour coded my ratings for books across the year. I did this months ago. I still can’t find a use for it other than “it kind of looks pretty”.

Here they are in order of when I started them, per month. If nothing else it gives you an idea of how many books I read per month. May was a big month, but 21 of those were pretty small and quick. And not terribly exciting, clearly.


There is also this graph, that shows how I read over time. No really big jumps or anything this year. Mostly just steady increases with a few mild plateaus as I got too busy, or didn’t want to read.g2

I could probably find more reasons for graphs and such, but honestly I’m not certain what to do, so I’ll leave it at this. I absolutely love figuring this stuff out at the end of every year.

The next two posts will deal with my favourite reads of the year.