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Been going back and updating old reviews. Very boring task. I review too many books.

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Tawny Man by Robin Hobb. Fifteen years have passed since the end of the Red Ship War with the terrifying Outislanders. Now, the Witted are being persecuted. And young Prince Dutiful is witted, and also the son of FitzChivalry Farseer, the most hated person in the Six Duchies. Fitz is called out of his “retirement” by duty, and the Fool, who has come back to tell him his time as the Catalyst.

Urban Fantasy:

The Tarot Sequence by K.D. Edwards. Rune Saint John is the heir and last surviving member of the Sun Court, who was attacked one night without sanction. Now, he and his Companion, Brand, are brought on a tough case, to find the missing son of Lady Judgment. Well, that goes bad quickly.

Science Fiction:

Terra Ignota by Ada Palmer. Mycroft Canner is a convict, and he wanders being useful to society. And he serves society best by helping the world’s elite. Because they need him, and his brain. And Mycroft is in the middle of several conspiracies. The first, he has the following a little boy who can make wishes come true. The second, he is involved with figuring out the purpose of a plot seemingly started to destabilize the system.

The Interdependency by John Scalzi. The Flow, the mechanism which allows for space-flight, is moving. And everyone is about to be cut off, except for one planet at the edge of The Interdependency. Which is a problem, when every colony is dependent on all the others to survive.


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Strix’s Reviews:

Series Review: The Others by Anne Bishop

My Year in Reading: 2019

keikii’s Reviews:

Advanced Review: The Hanged Man by K.D. Edwards

Mini Review: This series is so good, and this sequel to the first book is even better than I could have hoped for. The characters are just so great.

Advanced Review: Splintegrate by Deborah Teramis Christian

Mini Review: Incredibly dark world and story, and it felt like the darkness was trying to consume me. I enjoyed it.

Series: The Tarot Sequence by K.D. Edwards: The Last Sun, The Hanged Man

Mini Review: An amazing series with a broken but healing main character, an incredible cast, and a superb world. Everyone should read this.

Series: Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh: Precursor, Defender, Explorer, Destroyer, Pretender, Deliverer, Conspirator, Deceiver, Betrayer

Mini Review: Politics, aliens, danger, and a whole lot of travel. I love this series so much. Bren is the worlds biggest fanboi, and his anxiety-ridden ass does the impossible.

Series: The Winternight Trilogy: The Bear and the Nightingale, The Girl in the Tower, The Winter of the Witch

Mini Review: An interesting story of a young woman who doesn’t fit in, fighting against the system in place in historical, magical Rus.

Standalone: Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Mini Review: I cried at the end. Because that was the end of the story. Vampires, the evil kind, and a baker who just wants to live. Amazing.