In January of 2015, I continued my habit of rereading. A lot. Not a single new read on this list, just a new book in a series I had already read. Actually, 2015 is my highest reread year to date, at 52% reread rate. I’ll probably be linking to a lot of reviews this year, since I’ve reread a lot of 2015 again in 2018.


Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

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I started this reread in January, but it looks like it went on throughout the year, too. Black Dagger Brotherhood follows a bunch of vampires who are warriors protecting their entire race from another race that is bent on killing them. These males tend to be foul mouthed, obstinate, and in many cases completely broken from one thing or another. Good thing that the lead for the book gets the girl by the end and they live a happily for now life. Oh and they have some of the worst names I have ever seen (Wrath, Phury, Zsadist, Rhevenge, Xhex, iAm, Xcor. I swear these are all real names in the series).

Names aside, I actually enjoyed this paranormal romance series for a time. For a PNR series, it starts off rather strong. I enjoyed the story, and the characters. Unfortunately after too long the series ran away from J.R. Ward, and I’m no longer considering this a series that I’m still reading.

After a while, there were so many new characters that she could no longer give enough attention to the ones that started the series, the ones she built the series around. The books got longer and longer as she tried to include them but it was never enough. Then she started a spinoff so we could see them more – and that backfired too. Plus the plot.. honestly from the last book I read I couldn’t remember the last book where the plot of the series moved forward substantially. It’s just completely gone as she has had to add more and more on as she has had to introduce new characters so she could continue to write more books. This is just one of those series I genuinely wish would end.

The Others by Anne Bishop


I actually reread this entire series, and the reviews for it start on February 18th! My co-blogger Strix also wrote a series review here.

The Others by Anne Bishop follows a blood prophet, Meg Corbyn, as she escapes from the people who have held her captive under “benevolent ownership”, which means they get a lot of money for selling cuts on the blood prophets’ skin in exchange for prophecy. Meg runs to the Others, the terra indigene, who own the land the humans lease from and aren’t likely to help anyone. Except they do help Meg, kickstarting a change, for everyone.

This is one of my favourite series. I love the characters and the story. The world is brutal, but it doesn’t always feel that way. I’ve read this series quite a few times now, and it never really seems to grow old for me. It isn’t without its faults, but I’m able to look past them. Other readers might not be. And also everything after book five isn’t necessary to read and is perhaps better that way.

Night Prince by Jeaniene Frost


Night Prince is a spinoff series the Night Huntress series. It can probably be read on its own, but you’d get more context if you read all three series (Night Huntress, Night Huntress World, and Night Prince – there is also a fourth series called Night Rebel) in publication order. Night Prince follows fire vampire Vlad Tepesh and Leila, a human who can kill with a touch after she got electrified one day. Vlad wants to crush his enemies and keep his people safe. Which his new woman, Leila, is well suited to do.

This series has only ever been alright to me. I love Vlad, but mostly I tend to love him when he is supporting Cat or annoying Bones from the Night Huntress series. Leila and Vlad together are alright, but the pairing never excites me. I honestly couldn’t even tell you how the series ends because it was just so inconsequential to me. It’s a good series if you’re reading with Night Huntress, but otherwise skippable.

Colbana Files by J.C. Daniels


Kit Colbana is half aneira, a supernatural woman warrior race. After she escaped her hideously abusive family to Earth, Kit eventually became an assassin and sort of jack of all trades. She solves problems, whatever that problem may be.

I love this series, so much. I should reread this sometime so I can review them and gush over them again. I’m an absolute sucker for characters that are hurting. And Colbana hurts after years and years of abuse, even years after she got away. There are moments in the series I just cry and despair with her. Unfortunately, this series is on the back burner for the author. J.C. Daniels is a pen name for Shiloh Walker and this is a self-pub passion project of hers that doesn’t make as much money as her romance novels. Plus other, personal things. Shiloh Walker wrote a post about her difficulties here.


I thought I’d include stats this year with these posts. Because I like numbers. These won’t be as detailed as my big years end posts though because I don’t actually have as much on the backend to do it.

16 novels (15 rereads), 1 novella (reread), 1 short story.
Only two things I read that month were a new read. I was going through some shit apparently.

Despite only being 16 books, they were long books: 2.1 million words over about 6.3 thousand pages. These 16 books took 90.5 hours to read at 379 words per minute. Yeah I’ve gotten a lot faster at reading since then.

Only one audiobook, a novel, at 10.7 hours in length. It isn’t on the list of mini reviews above. I only listened to two audiobooks the entire year. They didn’t see worth mentioning.

Average rating was 4.5 stars.

Every book was either urban fantasy or paranormal romance.