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In this sequel to Where Oblivion Lives, the first entry in the Los Nefilim series set during the Spanish Civil War, a coded notebook containing the identities of Los Nefilim’s spies falls into enemy hands, and Diago is faced with an impossible choice: betray Los Nefilim or save his family.

February 1939

Catalonia has fallen. Los Nefilim is in retreat.

With the Nationalist forces hard on their heels, the members of Los Nefilim—Spanish Nephilim that possess the power to harness music and light in the supernatural war between the angels and daimons—make a desperate run for the French border.

Diago Alvarez, a singular being of angelic and daimonic descent, follows Guillermo and a small group of nefilim through the Pyrenees, where the ice is as treacherous as postwar loyalties—both can kill with a single slip. When a notebook of Los Nefilim’s undercover operatives falls into a traitor’s hands, Diago and Guillermo risk their lives to track it down. As they uncover a pocket realm deep within the Pyrenees, Diago discovers his family is held hostage.

Faced with an impossible choice: betray Los Nefilim, or watch his family die, Diago must nurture the daimonic song he has so long denied in order to save those he loves.

Carved From Stone and Dream is out February 25, 2020. Preorder now!


“He’s also not the first youngster we’ve had to kill, and unless I can find some way to persuade my brother into a truce, he won’t be the last. Let’s move.”


Getting into trouble is a family affair. Good thing getting out of trouble is one, too. And what an amazing family, as well!

Carved From Stone and Dream starts with Diago in the wilderness somewhere between France and Spain in the Pyrenees. The Spanish Civil War blew up, and Los Nefilim have had to evacuate. Diago is looking forward to joining up with his family again. But trouble instantly descends upon his head, because they are being hunted by agents of their enemy. And I swear, I’ve said it before and this time I super, super mean it: this book starts and just Never. Ever. Stops.

I was so scared for the characters the entire time. They were never safe, and they never once seemed like they were about to get out of the trouble they started in as soon as we met them in the story. In fact, they just kept getting into more and more trouble. The book has a slightly different feel than Where Oblivion Lives due to this fact. There was danger before, but this is on an entirely different level, with an entirely different set of consequences. And it is frightening as hell.

Plus, this really is a family affair. Unlike the previous installments in this series that focused primarily on Diago with some extra, Carved From Stone and Dream shares almost equal time between him, his husband Miquel, and their son Rafael. And they all get into trouble, big trouble. And they’re all in trouble in different places. And seriously I was so stressed while reading this.

Carved From Stone and Dream is so good because it emphasizes this war that is currently being fought, the lines that are drawn, while also drawing us deeper into the world of the nephilim. It isn’t just a human fiasco. But we’re also looking towards the future, as well. Look at the date. 1939. It is just that much more scary for that piece of information, which drops in hints throughout the book. As much as Carved From Stone and Dream is terrifying in the moment, the hints it drops for future books scares me even more.

And I can’t wait.

ARC received from Harper Voyager on Edelweiss. This did not affect my review.

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