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Mild spoilers. I think. It’s hard to tell because in so many of these, I knew from the first time I saw them together that they were perfect for each other. No particular order.

1. Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs



Couple: Mercedes Thompson and Adam Hauptman

Adam is high handed and overprotective, and he knows it. Mercy doesn’t take any of that crap, but she’ll humor him when she needs to. She knows when to pick her battles. And when she in annoyed with it, well… she knows how to call him out on his behavior. Which isn’t often since Adam does try to temper those instincts of his and mostly does a great job. Together, these two just work. And I love them.

2. Elemental Legacy series by Elizabeth Hunter


Couple: Benjamin Vecchio and Tenzin

I’ve been waiting for Benjamin Vecchio and Tenzin to get together since 2015, you guys. 2015! They’re perfect for each other in every way and I love them to absolute pieces. Benjamin is human, but was raised by vampires. He loves the chase of looking for missing objects and he is just an all around nice guy while being a cocky little shit. Tenzin is a vampire so old she has no idea when she was born. She has difficulty relating to humans, has no idea how to function in a modern world, beats to her own drum, and is completely self sufficient and only needs others on her terms, not theirs. And they both like shiny objects, especially gold shiny objects. Put these two together and absolute magic happens. They work together in ways that you have to see to believe. Their rapport is top notch and they understand each other so, so well. And the banter is incredible. I love these two. I need book four so much.

3. Sirantha Jax by Ann Aguirre


Couple: Sirantha Jax and Vel

This is a bit of an unconventional match on this list because if you read the series, you know Sirantha is dating March, not Vel. But who cares about that relationship because Sirantha and Vel are the best couple in the series, even if it is just a friendship. They have a deep understanding of one another and can relate to each other in ways you would not expect. Especially since Vel is a mantis insectoid alien who has been cast from his home planet because he doesn’t belong there and Sirantha was a party girl before an accident happened that changed her life and put a new perspective on things.

4. Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

Image result for kate daniels magic bites

Couple: Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart

Kate and Curran are a lot like Mercy and Adam but more extra. Kate is a walking badass. And a smartass. The only bigger smartass in the room is Curran, who has been the alpha of the local were pack since he was a teenager. Which means he’s used to getting his way. Well, not if Kate has anything to say about it. I was in love with these two since Kate said “Here kitty, kitty” to this lazy werelion.

5. Cainsville by Kelley Armstrong


Couple: Olivia Taylor-Jones and Gabriel Walsh and Ricky Gallagher

The reimagined (read: not reincarnated) people of three fae: a Tylwyth Teg, a Cwn Annwn and a half Tylwyth Teg/Cwn Annuwn. These three have been reimagined again and again over time to make a choice. Olivia has to choose between Gabriel and Ricky, and by choosing that, she chooses which side she supports. Gabriel is a lawyer and little bit broken, abused by his mother all his life and driven by a need for safety. Ricky is the most supportive person you can imagine, especially for a member of a bike gang. Olivia grew up rich and privileged  before she learned that she was adopted and her parents were two serial murderers. These three are the best of friends and they will stick by each other no matter what.

6. Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews


Couple: Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan

Nevada is a PI who can tell truth from lie, with the most amazing family and support system. She is normal and down to earth. Everything Connor Rogan isn’t. Rogan is Rich and he is a Power. He is known as the Scourge of Mexico as he single-handedly turned a war in Mexico with his powers of destruction. He is used to getting his way, and he has decided he wants Nevada. Who tells him no way. Well… way. 😁

Starting in book 4 we have a new couple, who I love. And may even top Nevada and Connor.

7. Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh


Couple: Bren and Jago

An untraditional power couple in this list. In part because Foreigner is as far from romance as I typically get and you don’t actually really get to see much of their relationship on screen. Bren is a political attache to an Alien race who shares their planet with the humans who cannot find Earth again. Jago is… his bodyguard. It would be a complete scandal if anyone they didn’t trust knew they were together. Yet, they They don’t get in the way of the other’s job, they support each other as best they can, and they take comfort in the others’ presence. Or at least Bren does, hard to know with Jago really.

8. All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

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Couple: Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont

Forbidden to be together yet destined to be. Diana is a witch who refuses to use her powers until she finds a book in the library that changes her life. Which is where she met Matthew, a very old vampire going through the motions of life. At times their relationship seems easy, at times it is difficult. They’re determined to be together, no matter what the rule says. I love their relationship so much.

9. October Daye series by Seanan McGuire


Couple: October Daye and Tybalt

Enemies to lovers. Tybalt is cait sidhe, cat fae, and the ruler of the local Court of Cats. He acts like a cat. And Toby spent 14 years as a fish. Before then they didn’t have the best of relationships. After, it got better. Tybalt looks after Toby as much as Toby tries to get herself killed. Which is probably a good thing. Their relationship grows into one of respect and admiration, where they’re comfortable with one another and always helping the other. It’s glorious and part of the reason why I still read this series so much is because of their relationship.

10. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

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Couple: Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jaime Fraser

Outlander is a historical time travel romance where Claire travels 200 years in the past to Scotland and meets Jaime Fraser. The books are less about what they’re doing and more about their lives. How they work together, what they do. It is the best series I’ve ever read to just sit down and watch two people who are (in my opinion) soul mates and destined to be together just living their lives.

Other authors would be tempted to throw petty jealousies, stupid fights and other people constantly trying to break them up to introduce drama. And there is a little of that throughout the series. Yet it never feels over the top. Instead, it feels almost natural. The drama comes from their living their lives during war and hard times. Their relationship is as solid as it can be, given the outside forces. And they age together. I don’t remember how many years, but they’ve known each other something like 30 years by the end of the most recent book. I don’t think I’ve come across anything like this.

Runnerup: The Tarot Sequence by K.D. Edwards


By virtue of me not being able to figure out which couple between the main characters and side characters I should choose. Every option is a good option.