February, again, was a high reread month like January. I couldn’t really settle on one thing and just was at a loss for what to read.


Maggie MacKay, Magical Tracker by Kate Danley


Maggie MacKay is a “magical tracker”, which means she runs around tracking down people and things. She lives in a sort of pocket dimension connected to Earth where all the magical types live. Each book is solving some ridiculous case after another, along with her friend – a carefree elf named Killian. This series is the definition of kitchen sink. Not only does it have vampweres (vampire/werewolf hybrids), it also has werepires (same, just reversed).

This is one of those series that got caught up in my TBR purge a few weeks back. I always told myself that I’d go back to it, that I’m just waiting for the series to end. But I honestly just have no desire to go back. It is absurd and the series doesn’t really have a point to it except to be crazy and badass. Also I realized that the author has no intentions of ending the series and I’m tired of waiting.

Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill


Chicagoland Vampires is the story of a newly turned vampire, Merit, who was changed without her permission when she was dying after an attack by a vampire. The series goes through her change, her accepting it… and her falling in love with the hot guy that turned her into a vampire. And also she is a super badass fighter with a katana who always wins. The series goes from crazy to even crazier.

I really enjoyed my time reading Chicagoland Vampires. I don’t really have a desire to reread the series, currently. I feel like the series went off the rails around book eight and took too long to finish something that was promised to us earlier in the series, killing most of my desires to reread the series. Yet it was fun, and it caught me off guard emotionally quite a few times.

Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews


God I always forget how awful that cover is, and then I’m confronted with it again. Yeesh.

I reviewed the Hidden Legacy series last year. The series originally follows Nevada Baylor, who can tell truth from lie and is a small firm PI. She mostly covers cheating cases, until her parent company asks her to go after one of the most powerful pyrokinetics in the country. Without help.

I absolutely love this series. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen this in one of my Retrospective Reviews posts. Isn’t going to be the last. I’ve reread this series so any times, I love it to pieces. And you betcha I’m going to be reading Emerald Blaze just as soon as it comes out. If I’m not lucky and get it even sooner. One of my all time favourites.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman


Seraphina follows the story of a 16 year old girl who is a talented musician and teaches the princess music. Also she is a half dragon. But shh don’t tell anyone because the treaty with the dragons is still new. And there’s more but honestly It’s been 5 years since I read this and I don’t really remember much more than that except the ending to the series.

I really liked book one, Seraphina. I enjoyed the way the story played out and I liked the characters. I didn’t like book two, Shadow Scale, as much, because I felt like it didn’t add much and meandered quite a bit before just kind of..ending. However I will caveat this with, as I said in the previous paragraph, I don’t actually remember all that much. I’m left more with impressions than specifics. While i remember liking the series, it just didn’t leave much of an impression.

I’ve heard good things about the spinoff duology, Tess of the Road, though. So maybe someday I’ll reread this.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman


American Gods follows Shadow as he is released from prison after finding out his wife was dead. He goes to get drunk and ends up working for one Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday tells Shadow that there are the old gods, like him, who are fighting against the new gods, who are more technologically based. Shadow does odd tasks at Mr. Wednesdays beck and call.

I… did not like American Gods. I struggled the entire time I read it. I was bored, sometimes to tears, and I genuinely have no idea how I ever finished reading it, even today. I would not have finished it had I started reading it now, I value my time more than that. I have a lot of trouble with Gaiman’s work, as this is one of only two books by him I have managed to actually finish.


Because we (I) like numbers so much, here are some more:

15 novels (9 rereads), 2 novellas (1 reread).

Four of the books I read aren’t listed here, because I don’t really like to advertise it, for personal reasons.

Only 1.4 million words were read in February 2015, about 5000 pages worth. It took me 61.7 hours to read them, plus 10.4 hours for the one book that was an audiobook this month. The second and last audiobook read for the entire year.

Average rating of 3.94. Despite the majority being rereads, I didn’t really enjoy myself very much. Not a single book that couldn’t be called urban fantasy or paranormal romance, yet again.