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This post was very hard for me and I could only come up with five. It is just I read a lot of series where a masquerade is in place, or they’re secret assassins or something. I couldn’t imagine they would have social media. And even if I could imagine that, I couldn’t imagine the characters themselves having an account.

I acknowledge that I may have taken this more seriously than I should.

1. Brand and Rune from The Tarot Sequence by K.D. Edwards

The snark and jokes would be out of this world. Luckily, we have Incorrect Tarot for all our Tarot Sequence twitter desires.

2. Tippy from The Imaginary Corpse by Tyler Hayes

Tippy is so kind, it would be nice to follow more people on twitter that don’t generate drama. Or politics. The next best thing would be following the author himself, who is just as kind as Tippy!

3. Bren Cameron from C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner

Assuming the aiji allows social media, and assuming that Bren Cameron would have an account, I would be following it. Because Bren is one of the top five most important people in the entire world, and keeping track of what he is up to would be important. Unfortunately, he’d probably have his team of assistants updating the account instead of him but I mean, I expect that of any politician.

4.Benjamin Vecchio from Elizabeth Hunter’s Elemental Legacy

Ben mostly uses his social media to keep a very small group of people notified that he is safe on his adventures with Tenzin. If I could follow him on social media that means I’m a close friend of his, and probably Tenzin’s! I mean, yes please. I’d choose Tenzin, because LOL, but yeah the idea of Tenzin having social media at all is laughable.

5. Ia from Theirs Not to Reason Why by Jean Johnson

Ia is the prophet of a thousand years. I can definitely imagine her having a social media account to follow, for those prophecies that could be used to direct a large amount of people. Or just tell people to stop being shits to each other. That’s good, too. It is great because it doesn’t matter how long since the events of Theirs Not to Reason Why, there would be a reason to follow her account.