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I have more classic sci-fi and fantasy books I should have read as a child, but this is a good start.

1. Redwall by Brian Jacques
2. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
3. The Belgariad by David Eddings
4. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
5. Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov

All five of these are massively well-known science fiction and fantasy classics that I should have read as a kid because as an adult I have almost no interest in them. And in some cases can’t bring myself to read them. I’m still telling myself this year I’ll read Wheel of Time. We’ll see.

6. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien

This one I actually did try, and it has always been a regret of mine that I didn’t finish it. Maybe one day I will manage.

7. Contact by Carl Sagan

I am so annoyed at my younger self for never giving this a chance. I absolutely loved the movie growing up, and I really should have read the book. Ellie Arroway would have been my hero and I think her journey would have helped me a lot growing up.

8. How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

I don’t know. I just never came across it when younger. I would have loved it. Dragons! Alas, I was in my mid-20s and I don’t want to read a children’s book now.

9. The Soldiers of Halla, book 10 of Pendragon by D J MacHale

I read books 1-8 before stopping because I grew out of really loving this. I had went to college, had bigger problems than keeping up with my beloved childhood series. I’ve probably read some of these books more than any other single book except in Harry Potter.

I wish I had read this when I was younger and didn’t care because book ten was a fever dream and made no goddamn sense and I wish it was better because the beginning of the series is still really, really solid but oh my god this book! I have no idea what happened? What the hell happened? ..No seriously. What?

10. The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I first watched the movie about 7 years ago. Way, way into my adulthood. I read the book shortly-ish after. God did I miss out on something great. How did I only learn of it in my twenties?!

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