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Reluctant werewolf Anna Latham finds a new sense of self when the son of the werewolf king comes to town to quell unrest in the Chicago pack—and inspires a power in Anna she’s never felt before…


“A knife wouldn’t even slow him down, but bones take time to heal.”
He liked that. Who’d have thought he’d get turned on by a woman with a rolling pin?


I absolutely adore this novella, and I’ve read it quite a few more times than the rest of the series or the main series it comes from. But it has a bit of a weird history. Originally this was supposed to be a novella that was a spinoff to Patty Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. The series features the brother of one of the characters from that series.

You’d think because it is a novella, and it originally came out in an anthology (On The Prowl) that it wouldn’t be necessary, right? Nope! This novella is 100% necessary for truly understanding what happens in Cry Wolf. You can consider this part one to that book, even. All because Patty wrote the novella and the publishers were like “yeah you got more of this greatness?” and now we get a new Alpha and Omega every couple years.

Lucky me!

I love Charles Cornick and Anna Latham. Both together and apart. Charles Cornick is the brother of Samuel and the son of Bran Cornick (my favourite character in this world). He is quiet, and dangerous to others but a sweetheart inside. He is the enforcer for Bran, meaning he kills wayward werewolves so his father doesn’t have to, and neither does anyone else. It isn’t a job anyone wants, but he does it because it is a job that needs doing and he can handle it. Also he has a wicked sense of humor. He is the only known werewolf who was born, not made, and it kind of sets him apart from others of his kind.

Anna Latham was a human, until a crazy werewolf changed her one night. Ever since then, she has been the pack’s whipping girl. She has suffered a lot of abuse at their hands. And it drives Charles wild when he meets her for the first time. Not only is he protective over her because he is a good guy, but also as soon as they meet his wolf determines that they’re mates.

This story directly follows the events in Moon Called, and finish up what was started there. You don’t have to read Moon Called. I loved Charles and Anna together. I love broken characters and reading how they get the help, and love, that they need. This story is far from complete.

I wasn’t expecting to be rereading this, and reviewing it. But one day I found that I needed something cute and light that made my heart feel nice and fuzzy inside. So I reread this, and loved it again.