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Urban Fantasy:

Realm Walker by Kathleen Collins. Juliana Norris doesn’t know where she came from, but one day she was found. Now she is working at the Agency, which hunts down deadly paranormal beings. She is also the mate of the master vampire Thomas Kendrick, the brother of the person that found her all those years ago. Only he left her. And now he is back. 

Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh. Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter. She has been hired by the Archangel Raphael to find another Archangel, one who has gone crazy. Elena knows this will kill her, but she doesn’t have a choice – she has to take the job. And it gets even more dangerous when Raphael takes an interest in her. And that’s only the start of the madness.



Advanced Review: Repo Virtual by Corey J. White

Mini Review: A fun cyberpunk featuring a disabled protagonist and an intelligent, self-aware software that is to be stolen. Liked it, wished I loved it.

Advanced Review: Network Effect by Martha Wells, Murderbot #5

Mini Review: Amazing and I loved it. Murderbot is back! And so is ART. Fun and funny and awesome.

New Release: Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire, Wayward Children #5

Mini Review: While I generally enjoy this series, Come Tumbling did nothing for me, and it can’t even be read as a standalone.

Series: Cainsville by Kelley Armstrong: Omens, Visions, Deceptions, Betrayals, Rituals

Mini Review: Featuring fae and a changeling child who ends up being the sort-of-reincarnation of Malt-y-nos. I absolutely love this series. I love the characters, the story, and most especially the romance! I already want a reread.

Series: The Brown Sisters by Talia Hibbert: Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Mini Review: An adorable contemporary romance featuring a disabled main character and a man who has been hurt before. Two thumbs up.

Series: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

Mini Review: I like this series waaaaay more than you think I do. It’s better than people say it is, though it does still have its problems.

Series: Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs: Alpha and Omega

Mini Review: The opening novella to the spinoff of Mercy Thompson. I love it, and it’s just so wholesome and full of hurt/comfort.