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Cave, Light, Person, Rocky, Silhouette, Entrance

Due to complaints lodged against us here at keikii Eats Books about biases against certain groups that occured last month, we have decided this week to feature opposing viewpoints.

Heroes and friends
Gather around and hear legends
Inform of the Dwarves voracity

Little and round
Burrowing in dirt, rock and ground
After gold, stone and jewelry

Beard, mead and ale
Imitation lives beyond pale
Without charm, grace and artistry

Babe and mother
Hidden, unseen, under cover
Selfishly cached delicacy

Brute and stubborn
Axes, hammers forged with iron
Boastful of their barbarity

Proud and at ease
With subterranean shanties
Absent sky a reality

Tree and seedling
Population needing feeding
Inside a sunless cavity

Dig and gather
Not bread nor meat just hard treasure
Counting on others industry

Spell and magic
Deprived of both, broken, tragic
Skill: resistance affinity

Mine and unearth
Unknown dark creatures adverse
Because of their activity

Trust and rely
Ally not in Dwarves for they lie
Parties motives untrustworthy

Drafted and signed,
By the abused, defamed, maligned,
Humane Elven Society


((This was the hardest post I have written to date. Poetry is not my strong suit, and I did my best.))