A month of “what was I thinking?”, “why?”, and bitter disappointment.


Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton


So this is just one of those series I just can’t seem to give up on, no matter how much I’ve grown to hate it. I actually only read book 22, Affliction, this month. As a reread. I have no idea why only that book. I will say it is one of the few recent ones I enjoyed.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter starts off as amazing early urban fantasy/gothic horror. Anita assists the police with supernatural crime. Those early books are some of the better examples of the genre. Before things go bad. Now it is sex filled erotica with barely any plot.

And yet, I really want to read the book coming out later this year. Because it looks like a return to the old forms.

I started rereading the series last year and have made my way through thirteen of them so far. I can’t read them in a binge anymore. You can watch my descent from “oh my god, this is so good” to “oh my god what was this nonsense” in live time. Reviews: 1. Guilty Pleasures 2. The Laughing Corpse 3. Circus of the Damned 4. The Lunatic Cafe 5. Bloody Bones 6. The Killing Dance 7. Burnt Offerings 8. Blue Moon 9. Obsidian Butterfly 10. Narcissus in Chains 11. Cerulean Sins 12. Incubus Dreams 13. Micah

Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones


I reread Charley Davidson to completion in early 2019. I have a page for the series reviews.

Charley is the grim reaper – she can see ghosts and help them to the other side. So naturally, she became a PI to assist with their murders. Charley knows who she is, what she is, and she isn’t going to let anyone forget it. That means that she goes around telling people she is the Grim Reaper and expects them to believe it. Charley surrounds herself with the people she loves because she loves to be around them, yet she also can hold a grudge against people like you wouldn’t believe.

I loved the early series, but I had issues with the second half. The story went from cute, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking little murder mysteries and a really hot guy who is following her around to a really convoluted and, frankly, boring overstory that took over all the parts that I enjoyed. A convoluted story that changed with every single book that came out as “new details” emerged, only not really. By the end I found I just didn’t care anymore about anything in the series.

And then the final book ended on a cliffhanger. I’m telling you now, I am not reading a spinoff.

Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane


Finally, we’re to my bitter disappointment part of the month. I reread this in 2015 because I thought there was going to be a new book in the series soon.

Still waiting.

Downside Ghosts follows Chess Putnam, a witch and ghost hunter, in a world where people like her all belong to the Church of Real Truth and the Church rules the world. The Church took over when one day, ghosts rose up and started slaughtering people and the Church were the only ones capable of taking care of the ghosts.

I love this series so much. If I had book six, I’d probably drop everything and read the entire thing right now. Chess Putnam is utterly broken from a horrible upbring and years of drug use. She spends most of the series either high or trying to get high. The world is also really dark, and broken. Just like Chess. Chess is just trying to survive. She isn’t doing a very good job of it.

This series is really unlike anything else that I’ve read in the urban fantasy genre. And, I miss it. Terribly.


Total: 9 novels, 3 novellas, and a short story. I read for 54.2 hours at 362 WPM and 1.1 million words. I liked this month well enough, though, with an average of 4.23 stars.