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This is going to be less a list and more the way my TBR pile functions. Or doesn’t function, depending on how you look at it. This is because I do not hardly ever remember why a book is on my TBR.

It is extremely rare I even remember what a book I have not read is actually about. This is mostly by design, but also a function of the fact that I see probably over a hundred books a month. I just find it more fun to go into a book not knowing anything about it, so I purposely don’t remember. Typically, if I know what I’m getting into with a book, I literally just found it or my friends have been talking about it non stop. The friends in question know who they are. I’ll sometimes remember extremely basic things like the genre or if it features something like vampires or something.

Instead, I have two systems to keep me on the train tracks. And yes all of this means that I am not really much of a mood reader. It happens occasionally, but rarely.

The first is that I have a list of books on my immediate pile that I just work through mostly in order. This includes ARCs and a list of books I’ve come across that I shelve into the order mostly at random.

The second are my Goodreads Shelves. I have 468 books on my TBR shelves, and 381 on my anti-TBR shelves. And those shelves are listed in order of how much I want to read the book at the time of finding it and recording it in Goodreads. 1-4 for TBR, 5-8 for anti-tbr.

  1. Need Now – these are reserved for books that I need downloaded directly into my brain as soon as possible.
  2. Yes Please – these are books that I really want to read and really think I will like, and have a good chance of becoming favourites if they hit the right notes.
  3. Maybe – these are books that don’t sound bad, but I am not going to be rushing out to read anytime soon. They don’t have anything drawing me to them specifically. They’re books that if I come across again, I can make a firmer decision on – whether to read or not read.
  4. New In Series – just books in series that I have read, but have yet to read this book. Either it isn’t out yet or I just haven’t gotten to it.
  5. Nah – these are books that I don’t think I will really care for. Or they have nothing that interest me in them whatsoever. They don’t seem actively bad. If I hear good things about it that interset me, I can always reevaluate it.
  6. Noope – these are books that I know I should not read because I know there is a very strong chance that I actively dislike or even hate it.
  7. Neverever – these are books that I have heard such horrifically bad or troubling things about that I will never try them. Or they have something I despise reading about. Or are short story collections because I don’t like those at all.
  8. Probably Never Finished – these are books where I (mostly) actually want to read them, but I doubt strongly that their series will ever get an ending. I’m opposed to reading incomplete series that will never have an ending if I know this in advance.

These are always subject to change. Indeed, I change want to read status all the time. I base these statuses on expectations of the book based on the blurb, the rating on Goodreads, friends reviews, not-friends reviews, the genres attached to the book, things I have seen discussed on other forums and other variables.

I heavily curate what I read for what I know I will like. Sometimes this fails and a book I thought I would like I really don’t. Sometimes I miss something I actually loved once someone convinced me to try it. Sometimes I even read books I know I’m going to hate, just for the fun of it or it has one specific thing I really want to read about. Which may be why my overall Goodreads rating is so low (3.84).


I have one shelf I don’t remember the meaning of.

It is titled Why Me?.

It has one book in it.

And I have no idea why.

I can form theories as to why, but none of them pan out when I look into it.

It is just a mystery.

And I have to live with it.