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keikii’s Reviews:

Advanced Review: American Demon by Kim Harrison

Mini Review: This return to the Hollows world was so much better than I thought it was going to be and I’m really glad I read this.

Advanced Review: Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders by Aliette de Bodard

Mini Review: A fun murder mystery political drama novella featuring a bookish dragon and a stabby angel.

Advanced Review: Every Sky a Grave by Jay Posey

Mini Review: I wanted to like this so much better than I did. It had very interesting ideas but only really made sense when you looked at only the surface.

Advanced Review: Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

Mini Review: I wanted so many years for this book and it was absolutely everything I wanted. I’m absolutely ecstatic that it is finally here.

New Release: Dawn Caravan by Elizabeth Hunter

Mini Review: Another Elizabeth Hunter book, another gushing review. I loved this so much that it honestly hurt to finish it because I could no longer be in it.

Series: Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: Proven Guilty, White Night, Small Favor, Turn Coat, Changes, Ghost Story, Cold Days, Skin Game, Peace Talks

Mini Review: With some minor exceptions, this series just gets better and better.

Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton: Danse Macabre

Mini Review: This was a travesty of a book and anyone still reading this series should have stopped long ago.

Series: Fake Boyfriend by Eden Finley: Fake Out

Mini Review: Read this. Read it now. It is so good and fun and I loved it. The main character pretends he is gay to get out of a bad relationship, which bites him in the ass years later when he has to pretend he has a boyfriend – who he falls in love with. Adorable.