WebToons Blurb:

Jasper meets Kai, a boy who doesn’t speak. Will they find a way to communicate the feelings they both have?




This is something completely different than I typically review on this blog, but it is so worth doing. I want everyone to read this WebToon. I am absolutely obsessed with this story, these characters, this everything. I have read this so many times now it isn’t even funny.

#muted is everything other WebToons I read wished they were. First up, the artwork is absolutely amazing. Not only is it cute, and well drawn, and beautiful, but it also has an amazing colour palette I can’t get enough of.

But what truly sets this apart from other Webtoons I’ve read are two things. The first is how utterly adorable and wholesome this entire story is. The second is how well it deals with disabilities. The main characters, Kai and Jasper, are just amazingly cute. Kai doesn’t speak, for reasons that get brought up late into the story. Jasper thinks he is cute, and goes up to talk to him, and when Kai doesn’t say anything JASPER DOESN’T PRESSURE HIM TO SPEAK! He just accepts it and continues to hold a conversation as best as he can. Instead of speaking, Kai just uses a sun emoji ☀ and it is adorable. Which is #muted in a nutshell, pretty much.

This Webtoon is a Slice-of-Life romance, but it isn’t all sunshine and adorable plush rabbits. There are serious topics discussed, too. Extreme anxiety is a big one, showing how you sometimes just feel like you’re drowning. Another is the lack of parental acceptance for who you are. Jasper is gay and a librarian, and his mother is a hardcore terrible person over both of these things. (His brother is an awesome person, though. I want his brother as my brother!) #muted is about both of the characters working to overcome their problems together, leaning on the other during hard times, becoming better people, and just purely loving each other. I love it. I feel like I could gush for hours! I want everyone to read this.

It is still ongoing, and I implore you to read this and support the author. We need more stories that represent disabilities and LGBT situations as well as this does. You can find the link at the top.

…I’m also desperate for anything that comes close to how adorable yet serious this is. So if anyone has anything, anything at all that is similar PLEASE SHARE.