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keikii’s Reviews:

Advanced Review: Automatic Reload by Ferrett Steinmetz

Mini Review: I really wanted to love this, but in the end I hated it. A cyberpunk about a guy who has mechanically altered his body for combat having PTSD falling in love with a woman with an extreme anxiety disorder who has been genetically engineered against her will.

Advanced Review: Driftwood by Marie Brennan

Mini Review: I loved this every bit as much as I thought I would. Which was a lot. Follows a set of stories featuring a man who has lived longer than anyone else and no one knows well but everyone knows of in a place where nothing lives for long.

New Release: Random Sh*t Flying Through the Air by Jackson Ford

Mini Review: Was actually disappointed in this follow up to The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind. High intensity, but I wasn’t really happy with the direction the series is going.

New Release: Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Mini Review: I’ve read so many books by Nalini Singh and this may be my least favourite. I disliked almost everything about this one, and what I did like end up ruined.

Series: The Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews: Clean Sweep, Sweep in Peace, One Fell Sweep, Sweep of the Blade, Sweep With Me

Mini Review: I love this series. Featuring an Innkeeper in charge of a magical inn where aliens just happen to stay. This series has a little bit of everything. And it is cute.

Series: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: Brief Cases

Mini Review: The Dresden Files short stories are mostly skippable, unless you want to read them. Then they’re fine.

Series: Teixcalaan by Arkady Martine: A Memory Called Empire

Mini Review: This is essentially published Foreigner fanficton and I love it. Very political, very main character doing the best they can. There is a lot of elements and an expansive world hanging just off to the side. Really enjoyed.

Webtoon: #muted by kandismon

Mini Review: I’m obsessed, and I have read this at least two dozen times since I first read it. A romance featuring two guys, a librarian and someone with a bit more troubles going on. Adorable. Utterly adorable.

Webtoon: Freaking Romance by Snailords

Mini Review: An absolutely hilarious and amazing scifi hiding in what appears to be a standard paranormal romance.