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Ilona Andrews, #1 New York Times bestselling author, continues her spellbinding series set in the Hidden Legacy world where magic controls everything…except the hearts of those who wield it.

As Prime magic users, Catalina Baylor and her sisters have extraordinary powers—powers their ruthless grandmother would love to control. Catalina can earn her family some protection working as deputy to the Warden of Texas, overseeing breaches of magic law in the state, but that has risks as well. When House Baylor is under attack and monsters haunt her every step, Catalina is forced to rely on handsome, dangerous Alessandro Sagredo, the Prime who crushed her heart.

The nightmare that Alessandro has fought since childhood has come roaring back to life, but now Catalina is under threat. Not even his lifelong quest for revenge will stop him from keeping her safe, even if every battle could be his last. Because Catalina won’t rest until she stops the use of the illicit, power-granting serum that’s tearing their world apart.

Emerald Blaze will be out on August 25th, 2020. Preorder Now!


“Burn it, drown it in acid, nuke it. Do whatever you have to do, or it will end life as we know it.”


I just love everything Ilona Andrews writes. I’m so grateful to have read this because I loved it so much. I could not put it down once I started. Emerald Blaze is the most interesting Hidden Legacy book so far. As always, I loved the characters to absolute pieces. However, this is the first time I have loved the world more than the characters, which says a lot, given how much I love the characters

Emerald Blaze is the most Kate Daniels-like book in Hidden Legacy, at least so far. This series has always had a world that you knew just had a whole ton of stuff to explore, but it was so busy with the “normal” aspects of the world, it couldn’t yet deal with the “abnormal” portions. Kate Daniels was the opposite and always dealt with the abnormal and slowly became about the normal. Emerald Blaze is the abnormal part of Hidden Legacy. The Andrews team took everything they learned while writing Kate Daniels, and put all of it to work inside this book and it just feels SO AWESOME. We had had hints of this before, here and there. Emerald Blaze just took it to the next level.

And now for the part of the review about favourite part of the series: the people. It has been six months since the events of the previous book. Catalina is a badass Baylor. Everything is going great; her family is safe and secure, it has become stable in the House hierarchy, and everything is going to plan. Only problem is that she is still hurt because at the end of their working together, Alessandro left. And now he is back, and she is refusing to give in to his charms. Catalina refuses to be hurt again. Only Alessandro has changed. He is willingly giving information, for one. Anything she asks. For another, he just seems different than he was six months ago. The question is, what happened?

I love Catalina and Alessandro’s relationship so much. It is different than Nevada and Rogan’s was. Much different. But they are taking their own path, and I really enjoy it. They work so well together that I don’t want it to end. Together, they are greater than the sum of their parts. The relationship development in this book is stellar. And the ending was a surprise.

Emerald Blaze moved really quickly. It had a lot to get through in not a lot of time, and it works. I loved the pacing. The main focus of the book was that there is a magical pit that a couple Houses are teaming up together to fix up, and one of the House members has gone missing. Catalina is hired to find out why. She learns that there is something else going on than what it seems on the surface. The book spirals out of control quickly and it just keeps getting weirder and creepier and it is so good. I can’t wait to find out where the next book takes us.

ARC received from the publisher on Edelweiss. This did not affect my review, but I sincerely thank them!