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Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands

Ongoing series with 27 books, and 2 novellas
Genres: paranormal romance


Vampires exist. The Argeneau family is the oldest and most powerful of the vampire families. Vampires come from Atlantis, where they ran an experiment with nanos to see if they worked. They worked too well, and now they never age because the nanos repair all damage. The only problem is they require more blood than a body can produce to fuel the repairs. There is also the side effect that they can read other people’s minds, including vampire’s minds. They need that one, their Life Mate, who they cannot hear in their head, to be truly happy and content with their mate.

Reading Order:

1. A Quick Bite
2. Love Bites
3. Single White Vampire
4. Tall, Dark and Hungry
5. A Bite to Remember
6. Bite Me If You Can
7. The Accidental Vampire
8. Vampires Are Forever
9. Vampire, Interrupted
10. The Rogue Hunter
11. The Immortal Hunter
12. The Renegade Hunter
12.5. Vampire Valentine (novella in Bitten By Cupid)
13. Born to Bite
14. Hungry For You
15. The Reluctant Vampire
15.5 The Gift 4 stars (novella in The Bite Before Christmas)
16. Under a Vampire Moon
17. The Lady is a Vamp
18. Immortal Ever After
19. One Lucky Vampire
20. Vampire Most Wanted
21. The Immortal Who Loved Me
22. About a Vampire
23. Runaway Vampire
24. Immortal Nights
25. Immortal Unchained
26. Immortally Yours
27. Twice Bitten
28. Vampires Like It Hot
29. The Trouble With Vampires
30. Immortal Born


You know, I must have been reading this series for ten years now. As you can see, they’re never really the best thing I read, but I keep going back to them year after year. For as ridiculous a premise as this series has (Atlantian vampires with nanos?? And the nanos allow them to read minds?? Come on!), the series is actually pretty solid if you like paranormal romance.

The plots aren’t special by any means. Yet they tend to be cute and funny. And sexy. The first 9 books are Lynsay Sands focusing on a specific branch of the Argeneau Family. When she runs out of siblings, close cousins, etc, Sands branches out to distant cousins, aunts and uncles, and even just close friends. The series is a bit looser after book 9, but still pretty solid.

It is only since book 23 or so that I’ve started to question where the series is going. I’m not really certain why Sands is going to this weird Island of Doctor Moreau plot. It really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the series.

The people are good, the stories are okay, the sex is fine. After 27 books it just has started to get pretty repetitive. Yet, I’ll still keep reading them. I don’t read paranormal romance for the spectacular plots.

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