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Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

Currently Complete with 6 novels.
Genres: fantasy, epic fantasy, high fantasy


Tavi is a boy with no fury, desperate to find a way to live in a world where everyone has one. He makes a mistake, and is attacked by something no one has ever seen. When caught out, he is forced to look for some magic mushrooms when he and Kitai make another mistake. They released something they shouldn’t have. Something that can devour the entire planet.

Reading Order:

1. Furies of Calderon
2. Academ’s Fury
3. Cursor’s Fury
4. Captain’s Fury
5. Princeps’ Fury
6. First Lord’s Fury


This was okay. It wasn’t my favourite series, but it had an interesting idea. Take the Roman Legion and combine it with Pokemon. I always wondered how that could possibly work, and I’ve heard good things about it. I came in expecting to love this, but I kind of finished with reservations. I should love this, I love Dresden, I’ve been enjoying this type of story lately. I just kept picking at it instead.

Some of the perspectives are better than others. I like Tavi the most, and his storyline is by far the best of them all. In the beginning, it feels like a young adult series because Tavi is young and he manages to do it all without the help of any adult or those who are more qualified. He also has a relationship with Kitai. Tavi and Kitai are so darn cute together it hurts. I love them together. Everything about it is good and wholesome. They are the only thing about the series that genuinely makes it worth recommending.I think the greatest injustice of this series so far is that Kitai isn’t one of the perspectives I get to see from. I love Kitai. She is awesome and perfect for Tavi. I love the bond they have, too. I love how they’re bonded together. Everything about these two are great! I could keep gushing, but I think you’ve had enough of that.

Tavi is the best character in this series. He is capable, he is able to take everything that comes at him, even without the use of furies which everyone else has. He reminds me of one of my favourite characters ever, even. At first, this felt like a young adult series because he was young and dumb. That is, through the first half of the series. After that, he becomes “Clever Tavi”. I hate when authors create characters where “clever” is their main trait, because it leads to an excuse to come up with really neat ideas that, while they work, I guess, they’re just so ridiculously over complicated they’d never actually work when commanding thousands.

The other perspectives aren’t really what I wanted to read. I didn’t mind the story with Bernard and Amara to a point. What was going on felt like it was important.  I just hate their relationship. Most of their story was focused on their relationship that I don’t even like in the first place. I also vehemently dislike almost all of Isana’s story. I feel like I should love her, but she just does not fit in and it mostly feels like throwaway. Also, for the love of everything STOP SWITCHING PERSPECTIVES SO IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER! I was so damn annoyed with it after three books. Almost every single perspective shift is only because the last one ended on a cliffhanger. By the time I get back to that story I’ve completely forgotten what was happening anyway! There are better ways to do this! Someone please, please make it stop!

The hardest thing about this series is the start. It just tosses you in the deep end and expects you to keep up – without actually explaining anything. Even at the end of the series, I was still still left guessing about some of what was going on. The ins and outs of this series just really are not well explained. Honestly, I think I had more questions by the end of the story than I had answers. The series did get better as it went on. It found out what it wanted to do with itself. Furies of Calderon is by far the least good book of the lot. It actually feels like an extended prologue to the rest of the series than anything.

The villains are one of those things I had more questions than answers on. The Vord are terrifying. They devour everything in their quest to reproduce. This isn’t the first time I have seen this kind of horror. Yet this was an interest take on it nonetheless. I just had sooo many questions. Honestly, the Vord make so little sense to me that I just cannot work up any care about them overall.

I was also extremely disappointed in the end. It was a lot of buildup for not a lot of action. What little action there was wasn’t really well formed. There was so much wasted time. Pretty much everything that happened in the last book was within the last hour of my reading this book, and that is pretty sad. I really was hoping for more out of this series, and I just didn’t get it.


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