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Whore! keikii:

Hi, I’m keikii! I love reading fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, and paranormal romance. I have been reading fantasy and science fiction all my life. In fact, I’ve been reading urban fantasy all my life, though I didn’t know the term until I became an adult! Oh, the wasted years looking for new books to read! If only I knew what to search for!

I prefer reading modern works, and while I don’t completely avoid historical fantasy, I do tend to not read it. Anything written after 2000 is fair game, though I’ll read the occasional book written prior to that. I love books with a well-written romance, but prefer that that isn’t the entire contents of the book – I NEED my fantasy.

I read a lot. My personal best is 450 books in a single calendar year (with a couple dozen dozen or so novellas, short stories and audio books – which I count separately). I read fast, and I am a binger. I can sit down and read an entire trilogy in a single sitting if I really get going!

And no, I have no other hobbies. Unless you count torturing Excel to terrifying outcomes. But really, that’s all about books again, anyway.

graph.png Strix:

My turn, hello! I’m Strix, another voracious reader. I read older books, with a focus on sci-fi over fantasy. I like to read books that punch above my weight class, as it makes me feel smart and stupid at the same time, and it broadens my horizons. My reviews will therefore be all over the place. Hopefully they introduce you to something new and interesting!

You can blame keikii for my forays into paranormal romance and urban fantasy, as I’d been unjustly avoiding the genres out of snobbery. There’s really good writing in the genre, lots of excellent ladies, and it’s been a surprise treat to meet a lot of the greats in the genre.

Finally, when I’m not reading, I can be found walking my dog or playing video-games. Give me time and I might talk keikii into letting me post game reviews here too. Maybe.

I like to read books that punch above my weight-class. It makes me feel smart and stupid at the same time, and it broadens my horizons. When I’m not reading those, I’m in love with genre fiction. I’ll read sci-fi until I drop, and fantasy to pick me back up again. I’ve recently fallen in love with paranormal romance as well – they tend to be cliched, sure, but a happy couple makes me happy.

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Unfortunately, we are currently closed for new review requests, and will not be responding to new review requests. However, if we have reviewed you before, please enquire below.

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