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Dark Fantasy

Updated February 11, 2020

The Black Jewels by Anne Bishop

Complete with 9 novels (two of which are novella collections) and a short story.
Review Status: Complete

In the original trilogy, Jaenelle is a kid, the most powerful creature to exist in some time, if ever. She is the one that was forteold to be coming, and Saetan, Lucivar, and most especially Daemon has been waiting for for a long, long time. They have been waiting because those of the Blood have corrupted over time, becoming cruel over time. They’ve allowed their duties to be forgotten. As Jaenelle grows up, she becomes more and more able to stop this evil, but at what cost?

Ephemera by Anne Bishop

Complete with 3 novels and a novella.
Review Status: Complete

Ephemera is a world broken into Landscapes that are only connected by bridges that transport you based on will and your heart between them. Sebastian is an incubus, reviled and cast out of human society for being a demon. Glorianna Belladonna is a rogue Landscaper, feared for being too good at controlling and shaping the landscape of Ephemera. And, The Eater of the World has been released.

Half Bad trilogy by Sally Green

Complete trilogy with two novellas.
LGBT themes.
Other Genres: young adult, urban fantasy

Nathan is unwanted, considered an abomination by everyone. Half white witch, half black, neither side trusts him. After enduring years of imprisonment and torture, he escapes with the goal to claim his future – and bring down the white council. In addition to treating Nathan like less than human, the white council has been terrorising black witches and halfies for decades.

Tir Alainn by Anne Bishop

Complete series with 3 novels.
Other Genres: high fantasy

In Sylvalan, a witch hunt has begun. Witches are being taken from their homes and tortured into admitting wrongdoing. The Fae are content to live in their homes in Tir Alainn and only venture out when they want to play with the humans. Only, their homes are disappearing one by one, and they don’t know why. But what could the connection between witches and Fae be?

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