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Disrupted Magic trilogy by Melissa F. Olson

Completed series with 3 books.
Genres: urban fantasy
Main Series: Old World


Scarlett Bernard is back. This time, she is a part of the Old World leaders, not a pawn. Yet she still runs odd jobs for them at their beck and call.

Reading Order:

1. Midnight Curse
2. Blood Gamble
3. Shadow Hunt

Series Review:

I know why this trilogy was written. I still question why it had to be written in the first place. The first book is a throwaway book, basically. Incredibly frustrating, and only does one thing of note. Then from book two onwards it is painfully, incredibly obvious what Olson is doing and I hate it.

Scarlett is still a bitchy character. Doesn’t care about improving herself one bit. She has a few years between this series and last, and she has done absolutely nothing except stagnate. She is still the same character I grew to really dislike in the first series. I really, really don’t want to have to read another series from her, but I’m pretty certain that is where Olson is going.

Her love life, which was settled at the end of the first trilogy, is back in chaos. Because she is a horrible person. Because she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself. Why she would do this to herself and Eli I have no idea, but I hated it. Of course, she kind of had to do this in order to get the ending for the series she desired.

The best part of this series was that we got to see more Sashi and Will, from the Bloodsick novella. I really, really liked these characters, and to get them again, in this context, was great. I wish I could just get a series with Sashi, that would be more fun than another Scarlett trilogy.

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