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Elemental Legacy by Elizabeth Hunter

Ongoing series with 3 novels and 4 novellas.
Genres: urban fantasy
Prequel Series: Elemental Mystery, Elemental World


Benjamin Vecchio is human, but has been raised around vampires ever since his “uncle” adopted him when he was a child. Tenzin is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires. Benjamin is looking for meaning to life, and has found it in searching for lost artifacts and shiny things. Tenzin is willing to go along with whatever Benjamin wants to do, so they go into business together. Now all Ben has to do is keep Tenzin from stealing the shinies. 

Reading Order:

0.25 Shadows and Gold
0.5 Imitation & Alchemy
0.75 Omens & Artifacts
1. Midnight Labyrinth
2. Blood Apprentice
2.5 The Devil and the Dancer
3. Night’s Reckoning


Elemental Legacy is one of my favourite series ever. Technically a sequel series to two other series: Elemental Mystery and Elemental World. I do believe you could read this without reading the two other series, though you would be missing some background story. Elemental Mystery is more important to read than Elemental World.

What I love the best in this series is the relationship between Benjamin and Tenzin. I honestly cannot separate the two in my mind. They wouldn’t be themselves without the other. Tenzin has also come to rely on Benjamin as her tie to the human world. Benjamin takes absolutely no shit from Tenzin that she doesn’t trick him into. Even then, he doesn’t take her shit if he doesn’t absolutely have to. He has known her too long. They both know what is going on, and they both love the play too much.

The stories of the books and novellas are pretty simple. Find something to track down, go and get it. What really makes the stories great is how they go about this task. And what mischief Tenzin gets up to along the way. Which is always comedic. Yet the bigger picture is that Benjamin is finding out who he is. Adamant that he doesn’t want to become a vampire, he nonetheless is being drawn more and more into the vampiric world. He is half vampire already, without actually being changed.

I’m always happy to get a new installment in this series. Elizabeth Hunter always manages to take my dreams, make them reality, and then make that reality even better than my dreams. The relationship these two have fuels my happiness. I have already read these many times, and I’ll read them many more times.

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