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Grigori Legacy by Lydia M. Hawke

Currently complete with 4 novels.
Genres: urban fantasy, mythologies
Note: Previously published under the author name Linda Poitevin.


Alexandra Jarvis is a homicide detective assigned to a case involving a serial killer. The killer is a Fallen Angel and Alex, unknowingly, is part Nephilim. As nephilim, Alex is without a guardian angel, and has no hope of stopping a Fallen Angel. So the Host sends down Aramael, a Power, to help protect her. Only he ends up being her soul mate and the things only get more complicated from there.

Reading Order:

1. Sins of the Angel
2. Sins of the Son
3. Sins of the Lost
4. Sins of the Warrior

Note: don’t read the individual reviews if you plan on reading the series at all. There are some awesome spoilers.


Okay, this was a series for me. It spoke to me. I enjoyed the hell out of myself reading this. I can easily see why others wouldn’t. This is not the best series I’ve ever read, nor is it the most unique. But, that is okay. This is familiar in a way that subverts every one of my expectations. This is the type of story I personally enjoy to read from time to time.

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that this series is evil. I’m in so much pain from this. I really didn’t expect this out of this series, though it has been years since I looked what it was even about. I expected a darker urban fantasy with some fun sexy times. Not pure evil concentrated in book form to make me cry for hours. There was nothing kind in this at all. When I thought I had no hope left to give, I found out that I still had hope. Too bad it then took that hope, skinned it, sliced it up, and tossed it in a fire. It is evil, and I loved it.

This is just straight urban fantasy. There is a detective hunting for a killer who isn’t human, and is leaving bodies everywhere. There is a romantic interest that shows up that isn’t quite happy to even be there in the first place. The world at large doesn’t know that the supernatural, in this case Angels, exist in the first place, so it takes time to explain that it does. Just pure urban fantasy.

The main character, Alex, is a typical urban fantasy lead. She is angry at the drop of a hat. She is a detective with the local police department. The interesting part about Alex is that she refuses to believe what she is seeing when she sees Aramael as an angel, all because of her past. Her mother was crazy, saw angels, and now Alex is seeing angels. Therefore, Alex thinks she is going crazy like her mother was. So, she resists and resists and resists the facts that are being presented to her until she can no longer do so.

Aramael, the love interest and soul mate, is basically all anger. Everything makes him angry, probably even his existence. That and impatience are his defining features. He is just as blind as Alex is, because he wants to just be angry about everything. It is kind of exhausting being him.

Sins of the Angels, this series, has soulmates. Bonded at first touch. In a romance that will be forbidden between an angel and – well anything other than an angel. Now, I have nothing against soulmate bonds, I actually kind of like them. I know others do, and if that is you, don’t worry. You won’t be disappointed. The series has an odd approach to love in general. And also a really cruel approach. The idea of love becomes mangled beyond recognition.

The world is very familiar. There are angels and nephilim and fallen angels. There is Lucifer and the Grigori who fell. There is a treaty in place to prevent war (the word apocalypse was used) between the angels and fallen angels, where they have to follow rules. Yet, those rules seem to be easily overcome by just kind of talking around it. The angels are all bureaucrats. They listen and do what they are told. End game. They have no free will, only obedience. Yet they can also breed with humans. The fetus grows at a phenomenal rate, and by the end of the third week it is ready to be born. No woman survives childbirth. This is horrifying.

I’ll give this series one thing, though. The police aspects of the story aren’t anywhere close to being the worst I’ve ever read. In some respects, they are actually better than a lot of series I’ve read. Sure, it has some things that would never, ever, ever happen in real life. But this isn’t real life, and they’re hunting an angel. I can tolerate a lot out of not so perfect in a series as good as this.

This series just has such a high level of stakes. This isn’t just about a police detective solving a crime and getting wrapped up in mystical things. No, this is the fight between heaven and hell. This is a religion changing moment – and the people of Earth don’t even know it. The level this series plays at is much higher than I am used to seeing and I absolutely love it.

And all this high stakes movement falls on Alex’s shoulders. All their plans seem to hinge on her. Everyone wants Alex to play some part in their games. They want to protect her because they want to use her. They want to hurt her so they can use her. Alex is under an insane amount of stress. An amount of stress that no one can survive under for long. Alex goes through hell in this series. And she isn’t the only one. Another main character, Seth, is a pawn in these games. He even tried to take himself out of the running entirely, only for everyone to bring him back in. And it is equally as hard on him.

I do have a slight problem with the ending. This entire series has been third person narration that switches between whoever is necessary. We have jumped to a lot of people for a lot of reasons throughout this series. The ending just off. We don’t actually see the final battle, despite having so many people to choose from. We’re left out of the end of the book, and it is just told to us quickly instead. I’m a bit disappointed.


This series absolutely crushed me. Just when I thought it couldn’t go any further, it keeps going. The pain keeps coming. Christ, this hurt to read so much. I’m a bit confused by the end, but gods I’m in pain and it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the pain.

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