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Grimm Agency series by J.C. Nelson

Completed series with 3 books and one novella
Genres: urban fantasy


Marissa Locks works for Grimm, doing whatever he says to do, mostly magical in nature. She is very good at what she does, makes enemies along the way, and never, ever listens to what she is told.

Reading Order:

1. Free Agent
1.5 Soul Ink
2. Armageddon Rules
3. Wish Bound

Series Review:

The plot in this series is fairly interesting at its core. I enjoy the fact that it is fairy tale based, even if the world building strays from this core aspect. The author understands that actions have consequences, but generally finds a way to work around those consequences in the long term. Book two is definitely the worst in the trilogy, by a wide margin, and suffers from middle child syndrome hard core.

The main character, Marissa Locks, changes drastically between books one and two. She doesn’t even feel like the same character in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, her annoying inclination to not listen to a word anyone says stays. Her inability to think before acting also doesn’t change. Unfortunately, those are mainstays to the genre as a whole, so while annoying, I have become resigned to them.

The world building is interesting, however I really wish Nelson would have ignored the desire to go kitchen sink. The idea of the fairy godfather, princesses and princes, magic, fae, that whole core idea was so neat and unique for the genre. Unfortunately, Nelson just had to include angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and just about everything else that came into their head while writing it. I felt like it strayed out of scope and it suffered for it. While lots and lots of things were added in, pretty much nothing at all was explained in specific to any satisfactory way.

The villains were all the same, too. I don’t mean that in the “man, all the villains are basically the same dude” sort of way. I mean the bad guy in book one is the bad guy in book two, which is the bad guy in book three. The exact same sets. They just keep coming back. Luckily, we get all our questions answered in regards to the villains and just about everything else in the series by the end of book three.

Overall, if you’re a fan of urban fantasy, you should check this series out. While it is not the best series in the genre, it is a nice little unique break from the normal fair.

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