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Half-Breed spinoff by Debra Dunbar

Complete series with 4 books and 1 novella.
Genres: urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Main series: Imp World


Amber Lowry was human. Until her brother’s girlfriend, Satan told her otherwise. Now she is half-succubus demon, half-elf. Unique. Hunted. Not human. Amber now has to come to terms with what she is while also avoiding all the bounty hunters after her.

Reading Order:

1. Demons of Desire
2. Sins of the Flesh
3. Cornucopia
4. Unholy Pleasures
5. City of Lust

Series Review:

Half-Breed is a spinoff of the series Imp world by Debra Dunbar. This series has minor merits on its own. However, I really don’t believe anyone would really appreciate this series without the background knowledge one gains for having read the entire Imp World. Therefore I really cannot really recommend this as a standalone series.

I also don’t really recommend this as an addition to the Imp World, either. Not unless you really want to read this story. If you want to read this, go right ahead. You’ll enjoy it if you want to read it. If you don’t want to read this, then there is no troubles. While the events in this series are brought up in Imp, it isn’t necessary to the story. You can understand what is going on easily enough without reading these 4 books and a novella.

It is undeniable that the series gets better over time. I honestly couldn’t stand the first book, while everything from three on was at least acceptable. This series really doesn’t have any end goal in mind. Dunbar decided to write four books in this series, she wrote four books. There was no overarching plot to follow. It was a story about a girl learning to understand herself and her powers.

While the first book was heavily annoying, the last book was the most disappointing, because this wasn’t the story of the girl. It was a random Romeo and Juliet story. I just expected so much more out of the end of the series, and I didn’t get it. That was just no way to end a series. I still can’t understand why Dunbar chose to spend the last book of the series on a story not about the main characters in the series.

This gets better over time, but overall it was unnecessary to read and unnecessary to thee whole.


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