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Hellcat by Sharon Hannaford

Complete series with 6 novels, a sequel novel, and a short story collection.
Genres: urban fantasy


Gabrielle Bradford is a hunter, part of an organization that hunts bad little demons, vampires, werewolves and other supernaturals, but she is also dhampir. Then one night she meets the terribly sexy master vampire, Julius. Demons and ghouls, vampires and witches, werewolves and their packs are all problems these two run into over the course of the series.

Reading Order:

1. A Cat’s Chance in Hell
2. All Hell Breaks Loose
3. A Cold Day in Hell
4. To Hell and Back
4.5. A Short Trip to Hell
5. Come Hell or High Water
6. There’ll be Hell to Pay

Series Review:

For whatever reason, this series just kind of got me. I enjoyed the hell out of myself reading it. I was amused at first, but by the end I was deeply entrenched in the story. The writing isn’t the best, and in fact in the beginning it nearly made me DNF entirely. But by the end of the first book, the writing had improved and I was so deeply enamored with the story that I couldn’t stop for nothing.

The main character, Gabrielle Bradford, is a traditional urban fantasy main character. Angry, hyperactive, young. Gabi likes to kill things that need killing. She is also super dooper special. She is a dhampir, and there is no one else like her. Gabi is also exactly like her cat. Loyal and cuddly to those she loves. Angry and dangerous against those who want to do her and those she loves harm. And she is perfectly willing to bask in a nice ray of sunshine (her Julius). And her sunshine suits her so well.

The love interest, Julius, is hilarious at first, then he grows on me. When this “super sexy” vampire who wants to talk to her kidnaps her I was like “oh, looks like we’ve found our love interest”. He is powerful and rich, because of course he is. Yet at the end, he is kind, caring, and supportive while being who Gabi needs.

I love this relationship. It is almost an instant love connection, but not quite. It is almost a bonded romance, but not quite. They’re perfect together. These two characters really are the most compelling part to this series. I literally never wanna leave their side. I feel like I’m addicted to the two of them together. If they aren’t together, if they aren’t circling around each other, I get frustrated and unhappy. They support each other, even when they’re not.

The worldbuild is one of the places series falls flat. In the beginning I had a lot of issues, but it eventually came together by the second or third book. I still love how the city they live in is just the City though. It makes me giggle. The worldbuilding pulls a lot of influence from Anita Blake.

Lastly, the plot. It is decently written, if not unique. The plot for each book was mostly self contained, but also sometimes seemed to carry on for a book or two. While reading it, I found them fine. Good, even. But I’m writing this series review several months after reading the books and I honestly cannot remember a thing about it except that characters constantly get more powerful.

Overall I really liked the series and I’m glad I read it. It has its flaws, but I was fine with those. I loved the romance. This isn’t for everyone, but it was for me.

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