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Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews

Ongoing series with 4 novels and a novella
Genres: urban fantasy


The Baylor Family lives in a world where power is everything. Those that have powerful magic are called Primes, and families of Primes form Houses. And they have almost unlimited power and money. The powerless, like Nevada Baylor, just live in their world. 

Reading Order:

1. Burn for Me
2. White Hot
3. Wildfire
3.5 Diamond Fire
4. Sapphire Flames


I love this series.

The best thing about Ilona Andrews’ works is that they aren’t just anything. Hidden Legacy isn’t just a paranormal romance. In fact, I don’t even classify this as paranormal romance, though Avon has done its damnedest to market it as such (just look at those covers, the most deceiving covers of all time). Hidden Legacy doesn’t just have magic in it, it doesn’t just have an amazing world, it isn’t just a PI novel. It is greater than the sum of its parts, and I truly love it.

For the first three books, the main character is Nevada Baylor, and she is awesomeNevada has worked her ass off to become a successful PI. She runs a small family firm who is under a larger firm, and makes absolutely certain they will succeed. Anything less and they’re completely and totally screwed. Nevada is competent and isn’t easily swayed to the tune of others. She is very independent.

After book three, Nevada’s sister, Catalina, takes over. And she is just as awesome as Nevada is, and much the same personality, too. The entire Baylor family is amazing. Their mom is KICK ASS. Their grandmother is the best grandmother I’ve ever read. The siblings are perfect: they’ll fight, but they love each other and they’re always willing to help out. They have two cousins who live with her, a competent, no-nonsense Bern, who does all of the intelligence work for the PI firm, and Bern’s younger brother who is very, very typical teenage male. They’re a perfect family, and Ilona Andrews always writes such perfect families.

The individual books have great stories, too. They are about Nevada, and then Catalina, being out of their depth, but getting better as the story goes on. Throughout the series, there has been a conspiracy in the background that the characters keep coming up against. It ties together everything we learn about the series really well. Because nothing Ilona Andrews writes is just about any one thing.

Plus there is the world that they live in is great. There are people with magic talents. the world because the world they live in is fucked up. Power begets Power, and they run the world. They can do anything, they have their own private police forces, they have their own wars, they have have enough money to do whatever they want and the Power to back it up. Sudden death to assassins, poison, etc. is a reality in Houses. It is a life people outside the Houses covet without knowing what it really entails. They even go to war over this power. In fact, a lot of the main characters are veterans. Even more side characters work private security for the Houses of power, after being in the army.

Then there are the love interests which.. 😍😍😍 They are the stereotypical Ilona Andrews’ Alphahole. They’re jerks, but once you get to know them they’re perfect. After initially attempting to steamroll over the lead character, they then turn to being ultra supportive and perfect. A++++ relationships. I enjoy watching them.

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