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Immortality Bites and Immortality Bites Mystery by Michelle Rowen

Immortality Bites

Complete series with 5 novels.
Genres: urban fantasy, cozy mystery, paranormal chick lit


Sarah Dearly used to have a life. Now she is a vampire and everything has changed. She is constantly under threat from vampire hunters. She cannot work anymore. She has to figure out what to do with herself. And worst of all, she can’t look in a mirror anymore! Good thing she has the sexy Thierry de Bennicoeur looking out for her! 

Reading Order:

1. Bitten & Smitten
2. Fanged & Fabulous
3. Lady & the Vamp
4. Stakes & Stilettos
5. Tall, Dark & Fangsom


If you’re looking for a very light series where even if bad things happen, everything is all okay in the end, look no further. None of the events are taken seriously, even when they should be. Immortality Bites could probably best be described as paranormal chick lit cozy mystery. The main character can do no wrong, and everything turns out fine.

The main character, Sarah Dearly, is a ditz. She flits from event to event like a moth. She doesn’t listen to any advice, thinks she knows better than those who actually know better, and generally has a bad time because of it. At the start of the series Sarah turns into a vampire, and she generally has a bad time from there. While she is clearly written like we’re supposed to find her smart and funny and that everything is someone else’s fault, I found Sarah a bit more annoying and I found she caused more problems than she solved.

The love interest, Thierry de Bennicoeur, is a special kind of love interest. He ignores the main character, except when she forces him to pay attention to her. He never talks to her about anything that is going on in her own life, even though her life is in danger. He does tell her to just follow everything he says to do, though. Then if she doesn’t listen, he threatens her by tossing her out on her ass. Oh, and did I say that he is supposed to be her fill-in Sire, her mentor, her guide to being a vampire? Because that imbalance of power never goes wrong. A match made in heaven! Toss in the fact that all of the problems above are caused by his severe suicidal tendencies, Sarah doesn’t want to be a vampire, and literally no one around them understand they like one another, Thierry and Sarah are really just a perfect match.

I have some major problems with the plot and worldbuilding. Barely anything makes sense. Nothing is explained. I have more questions than I have answers. I did have some rereading this. I groaned on average once every 20 pages or so. Rolling eyes and talking to the book were more frequent than that. They consisted of Sarah bumbling into things and not following orders yet coming out on top anyway without actually do anything of import. It was just completely over the top ridiculous.

There was also an obligatory love triangle between Sarah and some other dude, that serves only to make Thierry look like a better option. Which is too bad since Quinn, the love triangle partner is actually a much better person for Sarah. He is fun, he has an actual personality. And he ends up with his own book, the third in the series, when it is clear that Sarah will never take him.  There is also a lot to do with the side romances, too, that just are every bit as good as the one Sarah has with Thierry.

I’m not in love with anything about this series. I have so many problems with pretty much every detail. I hate the characters, and the worldbuilding, and the way every book goes.

Immortality Bites Mystery

Complete series with 3 novels.
Genres: urban fantasy, cozy mystery


Sarah Dearly and Thierry de Bennicoeur have worked out their problems. Now Thierry has been asked to problem solve for the Vampire Council. It isn’t really something he can turn down. So they go together into danger. 

Reading Order:

1. Blood Bath & Beyond
2. Bled & Breakfast
3. From Fear to Eternity


Immortality Bites Mystery is a sequel series by Michelle Rowen with the same main character as the original series, Sarah Dearly. Slight change in genre to almost completely cozy mystery. Also a new change in scenery as Sarah and Thierry are on the road solving problems for the vampire council. The problems were inspired by other popular things in the genre, but they were well done.

The stories were thrilling and intriguing. I really wanted to know who was doing what and why. There is actual real danger in this book, not just fake danger to try and throw in some cheap thrills. There are also real solutions that happen. I’m actually enjoyed this. This also adds onto what we’ve already established in the previous series, which wasn’t much. In fact it is just done so much better this time around. The characters weren’t completely terrible this time around, either.

Overall, a complete improvement on the original series. I wouldn’t recommend reading it solo, though.

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