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Imp series by Debra Dunbar

Genres: urban fantasy
Complete series with 16 books (10 main books), 3 novellas, and 3 short stories.


Sam is an imp. She likes to cause chaos and have fun. Then, in the middle of her vacation (40 years and counting!), the Angel Gregory comes around and finds she is living there – but he does something strange. He doesn’t kill her. Now she is also Satan, the Ha-Iblis, but no one believes her. She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into her own private hell, a hell built out of responsibility. At least she has her Angel.

Reading Order:

0.5. Imp
0.9. A Suburban Summoning
1. A Demon Bound
2. Satan’s Sword
3. Elven Blood
4. Devil’s Paw
5. Imp Forsaken
6. Angel of Chaos
7. Kingdom of Lies
7.4. The Naughty List
8. Exodus
8.4. RumpleIMPskin
9. Queen of the Damned
10. The Morning Star

Imp World:
No Man’s Land
Stolen Souls
Three Wishes
Northern Lights
Far From Center
Ten Lows A-Leaping

Series Review:

Imp is such a fun series, and I love it so much. I have always had so much fun reading it. The middle portion isn’t as fun as the rest, but the beginning and ending are amazing. Without all the extra bits, this is perhaps in my list of favourite series.

Sam is an imp. She is causes chaos. Yet somehow, she ends up with the role of Iblis, the Ha-Satan, the leader of Hel. And no one believes in her – not even herself. Over the course of the series she turns from chaos incarnate without a direction, to chaos incarnate with direction. She changes from a simple little imp into the Satan she needs to be. I love how Sam grows throughout the course of the series.

There is also her Angel, Gregory. He is the best angel a girl can hope for. He is exactly what Sam needs. A mentor, a lover, the one that is always there for her. He doesn’t give into her shit. He has his own life and responsibilities. He believes in her, even when she doesn’t believe in herself. Plus, he is super hot and super powerful. Just what the imp ordered.

There is a great cast of side characters, too. There is a sort of love triangle in the beginning, but he turns out to be a good supporting character. There is Nyalla, a human Sam rescues from the elves, who becomes Sam’s best go-to. There is a whole bunch of Low demons who basically worship her. Also, there is the entire angelic Ruling Council which is the funnest bunch of Angels to ever get in a fight with.

The worldbuilding is fun. There are moments of inconsistency. However, the core that Dunbar sets up in the beginning never changes. It is the fun little stuff on the side that has moments where they seem to not match up. The powers of the elves, what the werewolves and nephilim could do, etc. Dunbar actually manages to weave together a rather rich world here.

This series has a good ending to it. Though, there is a lot left unsaid at the end of the series. There are a lot of mysteries to unravel. There is room left over for more. But, I do like the end to this series. It wraps up everything nicely, if not completely.

There are a lot of side novels in this series. Some are much better than others. I only suggest you read them if you really want to know the story being told in them. None of them are strictly necessary to read to understand the story at hand. All of them are easily skippable if you don’t want to read them. They’re just fun side stories.

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