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Imp World by Debra Dunbar

Three complete series with the possibility of more. Currently there are 23 books, 5 novellas and 3 short stories.
Genres (all): urban fantasy, paranormal romance


The Imp World is one where Angels and Demons exist in a state of mostly cold war. The Angels try and keep the Demons to their world, or they kill them. The Demons always try to escape. Only problem is they are the same race, and the Angels need the Demons in order to procreate. There are also nephilim and werewolves and vampires that live on Earth. With the demons in Hel, there are fae and gnomes and all sorts of weird things.

Reading Order: 

Chronological Order:
1. Imp
2. A Suburban Summoning
3. A Demon Bound
4. Satan’s Sword
5. No Man’s Land
6. Elven Blood
7. Devil’s Paw
8. Imp Forsaken
9. Stolen Souls
10. Demons of Desire
11. Angel of Chaos
12. Three Wishes
13. Sins of the Flesh
14. Kingdom of Lies
15. The Naughty List
16. Northern Lights
17. Juneau to Kenai
18. Exodus
19. Liberation
20. Cornucopia
21. Rogue
22. Winter Fae
23. Bad Seed
24. RumpleIMPskin
25. Far From Center
26. Ten Lows A-Leaping
27. Unholy Pleasures
28. City of Lust
29. Queen of the Damned
30. Penance
31. The Morning Star
Series Order:
0.5. Imp
0.9. A Suburban Summoning
1. A Demon Bound
2. Satan’s Sword
3. Elven Blood
4. Devil’s Paw
5. Imp Forsaken
6. Angel of Chaos
7. Kingdom of Lies
7.4. The Naughty List
8. Exodus
8.4. RumpleIMPskin
9. Queen of the Damned
10. The Morning Star
Imp World:
No Man’s Land
Stolen Souls
Three Wishes
Northern Lights
Far From Center
Ten Lows A-Leaping
1. Demons of Desire
2. Sins of the Flesh
3. Cornucopia
4. Unholy Pleasures
5. City of LustNorthern Wolves:
1. Juneau to Kenai
2. Rogue
3. Winter Fae
4. Bad Seed

Series Review:

The Imp World by Debra Dunbar is an interesting world, one I really enjoyed reading. I started reading this series years ago, back before pretty much all of these spinoffs and side novels existed. I have been reading this series for years. I don’t regret it. I love the Imp series.

See series pages for the series reviews.

The best series is Imp, by far. It is fun. It knows where it is trying to go. It has an amazing main character, a fantastic relationship, and a great secondary cast of characters. It is pure fun, but it also leads to a lot of power and responsibility. I really enjoyed reading Imp.

Half-Breed is the next best series, featuring a lot of sex. It starts off poorly, and ends pretty meh, but the middle bits end up being a decent read. I really don’t care much for the main character, though. I really don’t think this can stand on its own as a spinoff very well, so I don’t recommend this for anyone who hasn’t read Imp.

Lastly there is Northern Wolves. If you like paranormal romance, you’ll probably like this. If not, you probably won’t. There is little story, lots of romance and sex. This can probably be read on its own without Imp or Half-Breed. It isn’t needed to be read for either, either.

I did notice a decrease in the quality of editing as the series went on, which is disappointing. I noticed plenty of spelling and grammar errors. This is especially difficult to bear, because I’m not actually typically one to notice such things. I easily overlook spelling and grammar errors. Yet, I still noticed an increase in them on the way through this read. If this is something that is a no tolerance thing for you, you might want to skip this series.

Per Dunbar herself, I know there are going to be more spinoffs and side novels down the road. I just… Frankly, I just don’t find the side stories to be as good. Sure they may tie up the story eventually. I just don’t really care about them. They’re not as good. They’re not as fun. The spinoffs take forever to get where they are going and then they end poorly. The side stories tend to be pretty generic. The end of Imp was Dunbar’s chance to end everything and start something new. She didn’t take that chance. There are, as of writing this, TWENTY-THREE books in this world, totaling just over 2 million words. That is enough. it needs to be enough. We need to stop dragging out series until there is nothing good left until a dirty, rotting core that we still hold onto going “but look, it’s so good!”.

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