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Imriel’s Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey

Complete trilogy with 3 books.
Genres: fantasy (erotic fantasy, epic fantasy), romance, alternative history
Main Series: Kushiel’s Universe


Imriel de la Courcel nó Montréve. Born from two of Terre D’Ange’s most infamous traitors. Raised by two of the nation’s greatest heroes. Hated by most, loved by few. He survived hell when he was a child, he’ll survive the D’Angeline. Then he falls in love with the one person in the world he should not fall in love with. Nothing will keep them apart, not even common sense and the desire to stay apart.

Reading Order:

1. Kushiel’s Scion
2. Kushiel’s Justice
3. Kushiel’s Mercy

Series Review:

I really like Imriel. A lot. Hell, I even like Sidonie. The overall story, less so. There is only one book I truly enjoyed reading in this series. It makes me nervous for Naamah Trilogy.

The first book is slow to start – by which I mean the story in this series doesn’t truly start until book two.  It was very, very slow, had several starts, and just when it started to heat up it ended. I almost want to say you can skip it, but you can only nearly skip it. There is enough in the first book to make it necessary, but not enough to be interesting.

The second book is the only one I truly liked. I loved the levels of romance and love Carey explored in this book. I loved the fae, and being in Alba. I love the processes Imriel goes through over the course of the book. This was a really enjoyable read.

The last book just pissed me off, I hate memory loss. It was probably a good book if I could set aside my biases to enjoy it. Unfortunately, I’m incapable of doing that, as are most people. There are just some things I cannot like, and memory loss is one of them.

The world the same as it was in Phèdre’s trilogy. It is expanded, though. We take up the story just a short time after the end of the first trilogy. Then, we expand on what we have already learned. Imriel’s trilogy is much more mystical than Phèdre’s. With Phèdre, there is the benefit of the doubt, things could be supernatural or they could just be weird. With Imriel there is no doubt.

I was a bit disappointed in this trilogy. I really liked Imriel, the story just didn’t live up to him.

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