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Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Complete series with 9 books, 3 novellas and 17 short stories with 1 short story collection
Genres: urban fantasy, mythology


This is the story of one really, really old man who finally decides to make a stand after millennia of running away, and paying for the audacity to stand against the gods.

Reading Order:

1. Hounded
2. Hexed
3. Hammered
4. Tricked
4.6. The Chapel Perilous
5. Trapped
6. Hunted
7. Shattered
7.5. A Prelude to War
8. Staked
8.3. The Naughtiest Cherub
9. Scourged

Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries:
1. The Purloined Poodle
2. The Squirrel on the Train
Note: may or may not get another novella, I have no clue

4.3. The Eye of Horus
4.4. The Goddess at the Crossroads
4.7. The Demon Barker of Wheat Street
4.8. Gold Dust
8.1. The Bogeyman of Boora Bog
8.2. Cuddle Dungeon
8.6. Blood Pudding
8.8. Haunted Devils
8.9 The End of Idylls


Overall, the plot of each book is incredibly prone to getting distracted by itself. The first book is wonderfully on target, but each book after that spends either most or all of its time devoted to side projects. Even books, especially books two and four, are very prone to not mattering whatsoever to the story at hand and are basically just really long epilogues to the odd books in the series. If you like stories where the main character is one against the entire world or against the gods, this is the story for you. There are a lot of short stories and novellas attached to this series, but only one, A Prelude to War located in Three Slices is at all necessary to read, and not much at that.

The world-building is pretty interesting at its core, but it manages to get away from Hearne after a few books. Druids are pretty uncommon in urban fantasy, and the way they get their powers are pretty neat in this series. The idea that every god ever exists and can potentially walk among us is not unique at all to the series, but choosing to focus on celtic gods is at least an interesting direction to take it. The focus on Norse and Greek/Roman gods less so. There is also a large focus on vampires and werewolves, neither of which have anything unique about them in this series. The witches in the series all have different specialisations, some of which are not common whatsoever, including cheese divination.

The secondary characters range from annoying to pure infuriating. I like some of them, but they tend to be annoying. Oberon, his pet dog who can talk, is the comic relief character and pretty much everything out of his mouth is meant to be funny in some way or another. Atticus gains an apprentice who turns from someone that gets shuffled off every book to be out of the way of danger to a real bitch. There is another character who originally starts as a breath of life into the series, but turns into a character with all bark no bite and really boring.

I found myself disliking a lot of things about this series and liking not a lot. It was overall very mediocre. This series actually started off strongly with potential to become something good. Unfortunately, the middle bits were really disappointing and didn’t live up to what the beginning started. The ending is very, very disappointing and really, really annoying.

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