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Kushiel’s Universe by Jacqueline Carey

Complete with three trilogies.
Genres: fantasy (erotic fantasy, epic fantasy), romance, alternative history


Kushiel’s Universe takes place in an alternate history where the gods fathered a race, the D’Angeline. Now that the gods are gone, their marks still persist. With one clear rule, Love as thou wilt, the D’Angeline live as to stay true to themselves. The series takes place all along the Mediterranean and further.

Phèdre’s Trilogy:

1. Kushiel’s Dart
2. Kushiel’s Chosen
3. Kushiel’s Avatar

Imriel’s Trilogy:

1. Kushiel’s Scion
2. Kushiel’s Justice
3. Kushiel’s Mercy

Naamah Trilogy:

1. Naamah’s Kiss
2. Naamah’s Curse
3. Naamah’s Blessing

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