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Master Discussion List

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Updated at the end of every month. Last updated: August 8, 2020

Trope Times:

An Appreciation for BAD NAMES: a list of the best (or worst) names in fantasy

Baby Ever After, Vampires, the Uncommon, Power Creep, Who am I???, Danger-awws, Bards, Minstrels and other archetypes, Reincarnation, Farmboys, Dormant Ancient Evil, Fantasy Schools, Leaving the Homeworld, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits and Rebels, Elves, Dwarves, Changelings

Genre Talks:

What is a Genre?, What is Fantasy?, What is Science Fiction?, Speculative Fiction and Horror, What Makes a Genre “Punk”, Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Subgenre Highlights:

Slice-of Life/Mundane Sci-fi/Fantasy ft Para @ To Other Worlds, Magical Realism, Xenofiction, Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Fantasy of Manners, Epic Fantasy, Celtic Fantasy

Sister Stories:

The Fundamental Differences of Two Opposing Military Space Operas: Theirs Not to Reason Why vs The Lost Fleet
Alif the Unseen/Crosstalk, Contact/The Sparrow

Specific Books:

5 Amazing Things Tanya Huff Does in Vicki Nelson
A Treatise on Stygian, a Book of Blunders

Retrospective Reviews:

2014: April May June July August September October November, December
2015: January February March April May June July August September October November December

Book Tags:

Autumn Tag, The Tarot Sequence Tag, Woman’s Day

Top Ten Tuesdays:

Things That Make Me Fall in Love with a Book Character, Extraordinary Book (and Series) Titles, Books I’d Give Different Titles To, Awesome Vampires, Books That Give Off Autumn Vibes, Favourite Bookmarks, Foreign Edition Covers, Predicted 5-Star Reads, Favourite Couples, Series with All One Word Titles, Spring TBR, Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About, Titles That Would make Good Band Names, Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child, Last Books I Abandoned, Books I’ve Added to my TBR and Forgotten Why (aka: All of Them)

Year Wrap Ups:

What now?? The Five weirdest things I read this year (2018)
My Most Devastating Reads of 2018 
2018 in Graphs and Charts and Way Too Much Data™

Stats Part 1: How Much
Stats Part 2: What Genres
Stats Part 3: And Some More Stats
Favourites Part 1: Old Releases
Favourites Part 2: 2019 Releases


The Ways in Which to Break a Cake: methods authors use to reduce me into a puddle of tears
I just deleted a ton of books from my TBR
Most Memorable Reads of 2019

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